There are so many reasons why you should make a change to the best broadband technology you can have. Full Fibre Broadband delivers the reliability and robustness you want and the speed to download, game, Zoom or work. We chatted to some of our customers and they gave us a few ideas of their own.

1. With Full Fibre Broadband you can choose the speed that suits you, your needs, and the number of data-hungry devices you have. You don’t have to put up with the best speed that your supplier’s old copper network can give you.

2. It doesn’t matter which type of copper network you have for your superfast Fibre-to-the-Cabinet service. There are multiple grades of copper, typically 0.5mm “fat” copper or 0.3mm “thin” copper in the network. “Fat” copper is the preferred material for data transfers but as most UK networks are a combination of these types, with significantly more “thin” copper usage, copper network data transfer capacity is lower by design, and so the Mbps speed you receive at home is much lower. With a Full Fibre optic network, you get the speed and reliability you want because these cables run at light speed and are capable of carrying millions of Megabits per second of data.

3. There are no data-crashing aluminium cables inside Full Fibre. Just fabulous fibre optics (that’s flexible glass) to keep you online at full speed.

4. Unlike copper cables, there is no crosstalk between adjacent fibre optic cables. This means that when your neighbour is downloading a 150GB update to his Xbox, your broadband speed won’t be drained by the interference from their copper cable.

5. Being located far from the cabinet makes no difference to Full Fibre. With a copper cable, data performance degrades based on the distance you are from the copper cabinet. So, wherever you are, if you have Zzoomm, you have the fastest broadband in town and the UK.

6. With copper broadband networks, they are designed so the download speed is faster than the upload speed. With Full Fibre, you can select to have the same upload speed as your download if you want it.

A Majority of UK Broadband Copper Networks - 1820's Technology Unsuited for 2020. However, Zzoomm Full Fibre Broadband Connects a Light Speed Fibre Optic Connection Directly to Your Home.

7. You can choose to have two or more separate broadband services delivered down the same installed fibre. Yes, two, three, four or more routers/Hubs. Multiple networks, totally separate, totally Full Fibre, totally fabulous. Organise your online life in whatever way you like.

8. When your copper cables get wet (rain, flooding, leaks), it shorts out the electrical signal and you get interference on your broadband and speeds drop. Not so with Full Fibre. No more glitching, no more bad signal in a storm, just reliable speeds and robust connection.

9. Very low ping times on Full Fibre deliver responsive service and deliver that millisecond edge for gaming victories, smooth streaming, and glitch-free Zoom calls! Understand your workmates better, no more uncomfortable glitching and lagging during your chats.

10. A Full Fibre network is reliable, letting you use your broadband rather than spend time managing your broadband supplier. We’re Zzoomm, the Full Fibre network that gives you more!

11. Bonus Reason! Try getting 2000Mbps (yes, 2 Gigabits per second) from anyone else. See if you can, ask your service provider, ask your neighbours, ask the internet… as while you may not need this speed capacity right now, count the number of devices you currently have connected online in your home. Now think 2 years down the line and what you will want to connect to the internet. The future is data-heavy and you need big speeds to get the performance you want from your broadband provider now, 2 years from now and even further in the future.

If any of these reasons have triggered a question or a twinge of regret when you look at your current ISP and that bleeping 56Mbps speed flickering on old diode lights, then get in touch with our Zzoomm team or better yet, order your Zzoomming broadband online today!