We’ve welcomed our 10,000th customer to our Gigafast, Full Fibre network.

We have been making notable advances recently after passing 100,000 ready for service properties, achieving a record-breaking month of 1,500+ orders in January and launching a new attractively priced range of plans with a commitment to no mid-contract price rises.

Zzoomm is currently available to consumers and businesses across 29 towns in England.


Matthew Hare, Chief Executive Officer of Zzoomm exclaimed:

“Fantastic! We’re delighted to welcome our 10,000th customer to Zzoomm.

“We are delivering a brilliant Full Fibre broadband service to happy customers.  We welcome the Wake family to our service, and wish them many years of Gigafast, faultless Zzoomming.

The Wake family commented:

“We’re really happy to be set up with Zzoomm and Wow! We’ve already noticed the huge difference in having a Full Fibre connection!”