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BackBuild a Future With Zzoomm Broadband

Build a Future With Zzoomm Broadband

Here at Zzoomm, we are building a Full Fibre Broadband future for market towns and the UK!

We are expanding fast and we need YOU to join our teams out at the build sites, blowing fibres, installing customers with the fastest broadband in the UK and in our Head and regional offices.

To do this we are hiring all sorts of jobs, from digging to managing, from engineers to legal. A network like ours is built off of the work of smart people striving for change, and the efforts of those who see an amazingly fast broadband future for the UK.

To give you a feel for life as a Zzoommer, we’ve been out filming our build teams this summer, asking them what it means to work for Zzoomm and what they’re looking forward to as their career grows with Zzoomm. Check it out below and visit our  Zzoomm Jobs page to find a role that fits you.


Zzoomm Jobs

Posted by: James PJ on 30th September 2020

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