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Who will win the 10 Zzoomm Christmas presents? 

Order today and it could be you.


From November 23rd – January 6th you’ve got the chance to win either a free 3 month upgrade to your broadband service or 6 months of your service free! To be in it to win it you must be a customer or have ordered by January 6th. We’ll be giving away presents throughout the rest November – January, so the sooner you order the more chance you have of winning!

Unwrap something that’ll help your family over Christmas, unwrap a present from Zzoomm, who knows, you could win…


Imagine 6-months broadband bill free. What would you do with the extra cash? Takeaway and a streaming movie rental… every week? What about some extra treats for the kids over Christmas, or grabbing some bargains in the new year sales? How about signing up for Disney Plus? The kids would love it and there are some real classics on there too for mum and dad.


Call 033 33 11 99 09 or Check your postcode below and order today to be in it to win it

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What could you do with a 3-month free upgrade? How many smart toys is father Christmas delivering to your home this Christmas? PS5? Xbox Series X? How about a new Alexa, Smart Toothbrush, or a new Macbook (we want one of those)? (You probably need the upgrade now more than ever!) Get ready for the data boost all your sparkly devices deserve.


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Here’s the need-to-know T’s & C’s

    1. The eligible accounts for Zzoomm Christmas presents are existing Zzoomm residential & business customers as of 23.11.20 and residential & business services ordered before 06.01.21.
    2. Only residential & business customers and orders are eligible for prizes.
    3. Prize winners will be emailed and we’ll make announcements on Zzoomm social channels between 23.11.20 and 08.01.2020. You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see who wins.
    4. All Zzoomm services are a minimum 12 month contract including any period of free upgrade or free service.
    5. Free upgrade prizes will be charged at the rate of the customer’s initial service order and is an upgrade to the next service level.
    6. Free upgrades do not apply to WOW customers (because they’re already on our most fantastic service). If a WOW customer wins, a period of free broadband service will be provided in lieu.
    7. Free upgrades are not applicable to WHOOSH customers. If a WHOOSH customer wins, a period of free broadband service will be provided in lieu.
    8. Zzoomm Christmas Present prizes are awarded randomly.
    9. If a winner’s home requires a type 3 installation the usual installation charge applies. For more information on this please see our installation guide. 

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