It’s the time when schools break up, kids celebrate the end of term, and parents think, “How am I going to cope for 6 weeks?”

Balancing being a parent and a busy working life is hard. The children get 13+ weeks holiday a year; you get maybe 5. How do you look after them when they get much more time at home than you do?

Thankfully, working life is changing. Employers are seeing the benefits of flexible working; more motivated, productive and loyal employees. More of us are working from home, mixing work with family life, particularly during those long holidays.

But home working brings its own demands. How to connect to your colleagues when you’re not together? How to keep your kids quiet when you’re on a video call? Can you rely on your broadband when they’re at home streaming Netflix?

That’s why Zzoomm are building a new full fibre network to let you do more. Our full fibre connects directly to your home. That means it’s more reliable so you can depend on it. It’s faster; you can share files faster and multi-task, making you more productive. And it gives you more capacity, enough to keep the kids entertained whilst you do that important video call.

More freedom to do your best work and more time with your family.

Zzoomm’s coming.