5 Reasons Why You Should Switch From Old Fashioned Copper to Light Speed Full Fibre Broadband

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Full Fibre Broadband delivers the reliability and robustness you want and the speed to download, game, Zoom or work.

We are currently building this brand new, amazing network in your town and streets, and this can be disruptive so we do apologise for that. But it is a fast build and we’re not here for a long time (we’re here for a good time).

If you do have any questions regarding the build in your street, please contact buildhereford@zzoomm.com.

Looking forward to when you can connect to the service, here are 5 reasons our customers have switched to Zzoomm …




1. Speed: With Full Fibre Broadband you can choose the speed service that suits you, for what you want, including matching your upload speed to your download, and supporting the number of data-hungry devices you have.

2. Network: It doesn’t matter who your Fibre-to-the-Cabinet supplier is, their service is delivered by old fashioned copper wires that cannot manage today’s device and data needs. Zzoomm is a brand new, fibre optic network with the capacity to support up to 10,000Mbps of data and many many devices online.

3. Robust and Reliable: Our Full Fibre network is brand new and doesn’t degrade due to weather or distance, letting you use your broadband how you want rather than spend time managing your supplier.

Not ready to switch yet? Currently in contract? Not sure you’re ready for Full Fibre? Is your postcode not ready yet on the postcode checker? Call 033 33 11 99 09 to discuss or fill out this form and we will let you know when you are ready to Zzoomm!

4. Support: We give you 24/hr local support via live chat, email, phone and we are local, ready to help in Henley.

5. Value: Our prices begin from £29 per month and include our most popular service: at £39 per month for 450Mbps.

Let’s throw in a 6th reason!

6. Reviewed and Trusted on TrustPilot and Google – check out what our customers are saying!

Take a look at what it’s like to Zzoomm!