22 March 2021, Oxfordshire: Zzoomm plc., the 100% Full Fibre broadband network operator, has announced that the UK’s fastest broadband service will commence its next build in the picturesque towns of Ascot and Sunninghill. This development is the latest stage of its nationwide fibre optic network rollout. This announcement follows on from Zzoomm’s recent network build commencing in Hereford, and the completion of their network in Henley-on-Thames in November 2020.

Zzoomm will begin this vital infrastructure construction providing Ascot and Sunninghill with a new Full Fibre to the premise network in the second half of 2021, with the build commencing in the summer.

Zzoomm’s business and home services, offer blistering broadband speeds starting at 100Mbps and reaching up to 10Gbps to work, stream and play, and will be connected directly to around 9000 homes and businesses.

With the race on for access to fast, reliable broadband at home and business across the UK gathering speed, residents of Ascot will shortly be able to access the UK’s fastest home broadband service. This is achieved by running the fibre directly into the home or business, unlike Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) where the final connection is still over old copper wires. This means no more fighting for data split between working from home or gaming, no more waiting in anticipation as movies download, pause, then resume or enduring glitchy video calls as homes across the Zzoomm network have access to all the broadband speeds they want. Zzoomm’s superior speeds are supported by free installation as standard, 24/7 customer service and a Double Wi-Fi setup with two Zzoomm Hubs supporting more Wi-Fi coverage across the home.

Full Fibre business broadband connected directly to the office is recognised as critically important to business success. Zzoomm’s business services begin at 100Mbps and do up to 10Gbps for businesses on dedicated fibre connections.
As both Ascot and Sunninghill pivot to a new business as usual model, Zzoomm’s Full Fibre network will enable local businesses – which range from all the great independent shops on the High Street to the world-famous Ascot racecourse – to connect at faster speeds than ever before, providing customers on site and at home with better access to the action than ever. Shops, service businesses and events can connect to a wider audience, faster and with better clarity than ever before.

Matthew Hare, Zzoomm’s Chief Executive said,

“The commencement of our network roll out in Ascot and Sunninghill marks the opening of a new exciting chapter for residents, visitors and businesses in the area. The people of these world famous towns have been stuck with old fashioned copper broadband for too long, which doesn’t suit their style. We’re going to transform their experience with Zzoomm’s Full Fibre network and bring this exciting town onto the world stage with world beating speeds and service. With Zzoomm, Ascot and Sunninghill are backing a winner that will lead from the front in terms of network development, customer service, incredible speeds and network capacity for all to work, play and relax better than ever before.”

Rebecca Burke, Zzoomm Regional Director added,

“The recent lockdowns have brought broadband connectivity issues into sharp focus and demonstrated our need for fast and reliable internet connectivity. That is why I am so delighted to be announcing that Zzoomm’s new fibre network will be coming to Ascot and Sunninghill, replacing the ageing copper network that has buckled under the growing demands of our home, school and business communities. Zzoomm is bringing a brand new Full Fibre network that delivers the reliability and speeds that will be so important for our community and economy to thrive and grow as we emerge from the shadow of the pandemic.”


*Please note that we will be updating postcode checker results for Ascot and Sunninghill very soon but they will show a message that they are not part of the plan for now. Please register for more information to get email updates from Zzoomm about the plan.