23rd March 2021, Oxfordshire: Zzoomm, the 100% Full Fibre broadband network operator, has announced that the UK’s fastest broadband service will continue its network expansion in Thirsk, adding another market town to its nationwide Full Fibre network. This announcement follows on from Zzoomm’s recent network build in Hereford, and the completion of their network in Henley-on-Thames in 2020.

With the Zzoomm Full Fibre network, homes and business will be connected directly by fibre to the Internet at speeds from 100 to 10,000Mbps. This avoids the shortfalls of other “fibre” services which use old copper cables to connect for the final connection to the home or business.

Zzoomm will begin construction over the summer, and the new Full Fibre network is planned to cover the entire town. Zzoomm’s services offer blistering broadband speeds starting at 100Mbps and reaching up to 10Gbps to work, stream and play, and will be connected directly to over 5300 homes and businesses.

The critical nature of fast, reliable broadband at home has only been highlighted in the past year. The proliferation of connected devices has reached record levels. Residents of Thirsk will shortly be able to experience the UK’s fastest home broadband service for every computer, tablet, mobile, connected TV and gaming platform. This means no more fighting for data split between working from home or gaming, no more waiting for movies to download or enduring glitchy video calls. This is because homes connected to the Zzoomm network enjoy a direct Full Fibre connection to the Internet, supporting download and upload speeds of up to 2Gbps. Zzoomm’s superior speeds are also supported by free installation as standard, 24/7 customer service and a Double setup provided by two Zzoomm Hubs to support widespread Wi-Fi coverage across each home. As Thirsk pivots to a new business as usual model, Zzoomm’s Full Fibre network will enable local businesses – which range from all the great independent shops in the marketplace to the Golden Fleece Hotel – to connect at faster speeds than ever before, opening up opportunities for retail, delivery and future investment for business expansion.

With this latest announcement, Thirsk joins towns and cities such as Henley-on-Thames, Hereford and Ascot as part of the Zzoomm Full Fibre network expansion to towns and nationally, with aims to pass 1 million properties by 2025.

Matthew Hare, Zzoomm’s Chief Executive said,

“We are bringing our fabulous Full Fibre to the people of Thirsk. They will experience extremely fast and reliable broadband services. With only 18% of the UK able to connect to true Gigabit speed broadband over Full Fibre, our quest to rip out the old copper infrastructure continues. We cannot wait to bring our Zzoomm service, customer experience and outlook to the people and businesses of Thirsk and put into the past slow, glitchy connections and poor service.”
“The lockdown has accelerated the move to new working arrangements and boosted the demand for online entertainment and learning. Zzoomm has demonstrated that Full Fibre meets the need and will catapult Thirsk into one of the best connected towns in the world.”

Richard Sinclair, Zzoomm’s Chief Operating Office elaborated,

“My passion is to Make Britain faster, by providing Full Fibre broadband to market towns like Thirsk. Better connectivity provides real opportunities. Firstly, having access to one of Britain’s fastest broadband services enables home entertainment and those working remotely. It even encourages people to relocate. Businesses looking for new office locations will take a closer look at Thirsk as we will be able to offer cutting edge Broadband infrastructure, in a beautiful Yorkshire setting. It is an economic shot in the arm, that is vital for our economy post COVID. And best of all, we are creating local jobs, whilst we build the broadband network of the future. So, if you are interested in a new construction role, please get in touch.”

*Please note that we will be updating postcode checker results for Thirsk very soon but they will show a message that they are not part of the plan for now. Please register for more information to get email updates from Zzoomm about the plan.