How we live and work has changed dramatically this year and it’s clear that our broadband access will continue to influence and support the way we work, socially interact and connect with family for years if not decades to come.

For many of us, the Pandemic has pushed us to find new ways to educate, work, play and relax. The Zzoomm team has pooled their experiences together and identified what else we can do online now that we may not have done before 2020. With great broadband, we can all work from home, teach our families, stay connected to friends & family and even explore the world remotely. And with the summer holidays upon us, here are some ways to entertain the kids (and yourselves) as well as see the outdoors whilst staying local and keeping safe!

 All of our ideas can be explored in the safety of your own home with a little help from fast broadband, some imagination and a curious mind.

Head to a museum:

Don’t let staying at home stop your family from travelling this summer. Keep up the home-schooling with a touch of history at the Anne Frank Museum or get inspired for a craft day after visiting the beautiful Guggenheim in Spain all on your own computer, tablet or even phone.

With the world at your fingertips, a great place to start is the British Museum, the so-called Museum of the world! Here is a great way to explore history with an interactive timeline online.

Be a virtual tourist for the day:

No matter the weather, no matter the location you can explore new areas from home. Whether that’s taking in the history of your hometown or using the power of the internet to explore the world…

From the Northern Lights to the Colosseum, you can spend every day finding out about a new part of the planet. From great natural wonders to incredible human architecture.


Or take one giant leap into space:

And once you’re done exploring Earth it’s off to Mars! Or Venus, or Jupiter, or Saturn… you get the idea. The power of broadband can take you across the solar system while you get to sit back, relax with a cup of tea and a biscuit. A great way to entertain the kids this summer.

Come face to face with animals around the world and make a new friend:

Ever facetimed an Elephant? Ever video called a Giraffe? Had breakfast with an Orangutan? There are loads of great Zoo’s that have amazing live streams of their animals. Eat breakfast with the Penguins, play with the Zebras, lunch with the Antelopes and have dinner with the Lions, just don’t be dinner!

Family game nights!

Who doesn’t love family game nights? Now is the perfect time to dust off those old board games in the loft and get playing. Whether that’s Battleships, Cluedo, Scrabble or Game of life (just no one mention Monopoly).

If you don’t have these games indoors you can download the apps to a tablet, iPad or computer and play digitally (less mess and no one can flip the board over this way). The wonderful thing about great broadband is friends and family are just a few clicks away, ready to party, chat and play.

It’s a no brainer that time spent having fun and connecting with family boosts our happiness!

However, to ensure we can all spend time together while apart, we need to know that we have a reliable broadband service to support us!

Our fantastic services are all designed for connecting, working, playing and living life to the full. From our Home 450Mbps service for small families that stream together to our Home 900Mbps service for serious gamers, work-from-homers and larger than life families that need the extra oomph there is a Full Fibre broadband service for you with Zzoomm!