Win A Free Year of 900Mbps Zzoomm Full Fibre Broadband

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Win A Year Of Free Broadband With Zzoomm Full Fibre Broadband T&C’s

1. Only those whose address is connected or can connect to the Zzoomm network by 31st July 2021 will qualify as an eligible participant in the competition.
2. The eligible participants must have completed the registration form online on this page, or be existing Zzoomm customers by 31st July 2021.
3. The prize winner will be announced on Zzoomm social channels and contacted directly. Only the winner’s forename will be announced and no other personal details will be shared.
4. The prize winner may still refer friends and neighbours as part of ‘Zzoomm Together 2021’ but will receive no additional free months of Zzoomm Full Fibre broadband service themselves.
5. All Zzoomm service orders are for a minimum of 12 months, including any period of free broadband.
6. The winner will receive a free Home 900 broadband service for 12 months and will be charged £59 per month at the end of the defined free period won.
7. The winner must contact to discuss the service they wish to continue with at the end of their free 12 month period if they do not wish to continue on Home 900.
8. The Zzoomm Win A Year Of Free Broadband prize is awarded by random from the Zzoomm address database which includes existing customers and those who have registered by 31st July 2021.
9. If a pre-existing customer wins the competition and their service is Home 2000 then they will receive the Home 2000 service for free for 12 months.
10. Businesses may partake in the competition.
11. If a pre-existing business customer wins the competition they can choose between staying at their current service for free for 12 months or receive Home 900 for free for 12 months.
12. If a business wins the competition the prize of Home 900 will remain.


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