To make the most of your broadband service it’s a good idea to check out your contract when you switch broadband provider. You are a customer with rights and taking a look at the deal you have could lead to a better deal for you. Knowing what to look for is key. So, us Zzoommers thought it would be useful to give you a look at what these contracts contain before you file them away in your email folders.

  • Check the broadband speeds that you’re signing up for are what you’re getting.

The average download speed being advertised might not be what you’ll actually get.

  • Some broadband packages are traffic managed.

This is where your provider will slow your maximum download speed at certain times of day to help it cope with heavy loads (times when everyone wants to be online). As a customer, you should be getting what you pay for, not what your ISP is choosing to give you. If you need high speeds, this is definitely something to watch out for – and avoid if you can. At Zzoomm we don’t traffic manage.

  • Sho­­p ar­ound.

The end of your contract usually means an increase in the price you pay each month if you don’t look elsewhere and decide to continue with the same provider. After the end of your contract, always check how much they plan to increase your contract by, and take a look around for a better deal. At Zzoomm our pricing policy is simple, all our customers, on the same service, pay the same price so you know you are always getting our best deal.

  • If you’re no longer within your contract’s minimum time period, you’re free to switch provider at any time.

If you’re still within the minimum terms however, you can switch, but there’ll likely be a cancellation fee This is especially important when moving to a new house or planning home upgrades.

  • In some circumstances, you can cancel your contract without penalty.

If your provider introduced a price hike within the last 30 days but you’re not receiving speeds to match, or if you believe your provider is otherwise in breach of contract, you may be entitled to cancel your contract without penalty. Ofcom provides further details here: Ofcom Contracts.

  • Many internet providers DO pass on upfront costs to you.

What you pay is dependent on whether you’ve chosen to receive basic Fibre, Full Fibre, or ADSL (Copper) and whether you’ve had either before, so we’d recommend finding out before you commit to a contract. Zzoomm installations are free of charge unless there are exceptional circumstances. In these instances, we discuss the charges with the household before installing. Zzoomm doesn’t charge you anything until after you’re installed.

  • Check if the Router/Hub is yours to keep.

Always check whether the new router that has been sent to you when you sign up is yours to own – some providers will want it back once your contract has ended and if you don’t or can’t send it back, they’ll charge you for it.

Not in your contract but worth checking:

  • Check your walls & the Router/Hub.

Check out the router Wi-Fi capability that is provided, and the materials that have been used to build your house. Some building and installation materials block signals. There are smart ways to work around these which we can discuss with you.

  • Know what you want!

The key to finding a brilliant Broadband partner is understanding what you want, what you need, and identifying who will support those needs for you. Not every provider is the same and some will provide more support than others.

  • Finally, always read the small print!

We do have terms and conditions but we try to make the text readable!

At Zzoomm we’re always open about our contracts, the costs of service and the inclusions we provide you

Zzoomm’s residential services (prices all include VAT, in case you wondered) are included below. Remember all customers benefit from Double setup with two Zzoomm Hubs which can be set up to boost Wi-Fi coverage, free installation and brilliant ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ rated customer service.


  • POP! – Give your broadband a boost. Eye-popping speeds but not an eye-watering price. provides an average download speed of 100Mbps, with 10Mbps up) for £29 a month.
  • POW! – More power for families who all want to surf, stream and play all at the same time. Power ahead with 400Mbps average download speed and a 40Mbps up for £39 a month
  • WHOOSH! – Work and play at the speed of light with a service that’s guaranteed to give you more. Takes you faster than you have ever gone before with 900Mbps average download speed and a blistering 90Mbps up for £59 a month
  • WOW! – A connection that’s faster than your fingertips. If you want the biggest and the best broadband look no further. What can we say? 2,000Mbps average download speed and 200Mbps up for £99 a month means you own the internet


Two Power-Ups are available, each at £10 per month:

  • Match – Get the same upload speed as your download speed
  • Static IP – Have a Static IPv4 address