Tis the season to be spooky… and what better way to enjoy a Halloween inside than with new or classic scary movies and series (costumes optional). While we may not be roaming the street this year or dancing the thriller, you can still ramp up the scares and enjoy the season together.

You’ve carved your pumpkins, you’ve lit the candles, you’ve got the sweets ready for the trick or treaters and now you just need to choose exactly what movie to watch and… you’re lost, stuck, the choice is endless (or there’s no choice at all). You spend what feels like a frighteningly long time picking a movie with the right amount of horror, thrill, gore and comedy (and appropriately rated for any under 18s) to keep everyone entertained. That’s why we’ve made a list of the most spooktacular movies and TV shows to stream this Halloween to make your night as much of a fun nightmare as you can.

🎃 The Nightmare Before Christmas

(Halloween movie or spooky Christmas movie? We’ll let you decide. This one’s for the kids anyway).

A real family classic and one to watch before the kids go to bed. Our favourite undead antagonist Jack Skellington who is, of course, the Pumpkin King of Halloween tries to celebrate Christmas in Halloweentown and the usual chaos ensues. Laughter, songs, spooks and all, your family can come together to enjoy a lighthearted seasonal movie before the really scary movies get loaded up…

Where: Disney Plus


🎃 Little Shop of Horrors

Oh did we say ‘really’ scary? That’s further down.

A musical horror full of terrifyingly fun scenes and hideous plants that want to (spoiler) eat you. When plants come to life who’s knowing what they’ll do? More comedy than horror but worth a watch if you want a light sprinkle of spook this year.

Where: Prime Video


🎃 Stranger Things

Four scary seasons for the whole Halloween weekend. This fun, touching and ever so harrowing series will have you hiding behind the blankets, crying, laughing but mostly hooked into every episode. With strong characters and great storylines, you’ll become possessed by this spooky series this Halloween. Just make sure you don’t end up buffering when you come to download each episode.

Where: Netflix


🎃 The Silence of the Lambs

A real classic, always worth a re-watch and not one for the kids. Anthony Hopkins embodies a truly iconic character with Hannibal Lecter. Jodie Foster is a rare example of a leading female character in this type of movie. If you’ve not seen it, (where have you been?) this chilling masterpiece is a must watch this Halloween… and every Halloween?

Where: Netflix


​🎃 Truth Seekers

They went to fix their broadband but they stayed to get rid of the ghosts. This brand new Prime Video series starring Nick Frost as a ghost hunting broadband guru is already our favourite and it’s not even released yet. Just don’t end up needing your broadband fixed over the scary weekend, order Zzoomm Full Fibre today for faster, better broadband, fewer spooks and more spooky movies.

You’ll be able to start this series from October 30th, just in time for Halloween weekend.

Where: Prime Video  


🎃 Midsommar

A pagan cult, tourists and a festival in Sweden so what could go wrong? Everything. Violent, bizarre, gruesome and perfect for the horror fans who’ve seen it all. This is described by some as a ‘descent into the seventh circle of hell’ so only watch if you have a strong stomach and are prepared for a grueling 2 hours.

Where: Prime Video


🎃 Jeepers Creepers

If a horrifying discovery in the basement of an abandoned church sounds like your cup of tea this is the perfect watch for you. Unsettling and gory with a little scary psychic action thrown in – a cult classic to say the least and at only 90 minutes long they’ll be plenty of time for more movies after this one’s done. Did we mention there’s a cannibalistic winged demon? That too.

Where: Prime Video


🎃 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Just like Stranger Things, there are 4 seasons to take over your whole Halloween weekend. Spooky, not scary, thrilling, not horrifying, comedic with depth and a good starter series for the not-so-horror fans. With solid storylines and characters, the scariest thing about this show could be when you become haunted by the dreaded buffering ball of doom mid-episode.

Where: Netflix


🎃 Alien

Science fiction meets horror in this 1970s classic – It’s every astronaut’s nightmare. Horrifying things lurk in deep space as the crew of the Nostromo find out when they wake half-way through their journey back to Earth to discover an alien ship full of not-so-friendly alien life… 40 years on from its premiere this movie still gives many viewers the shivers and yes you may scream and hide but that’s the sign of a great horror movie, right?

Where: Prime Video


🎃 The Shining

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… you get the gist. A father terrorises his young son and wife, commits and has drinks with suave ghosts in this 1980’s classic that’s still as potent as ever in 2020. Abandoned hotels, mazes and axe murdering get you going? Prime Video is the place to watch this horrific masterpiece.

Where: Prime Video


But wait! What’s the most horrifying thing that could happen on your Halloween movie night? Forget ghosts, ghouls and witches we’re talking… BUFFERING! The dreaded, the feared, the unforgivable buffering right in the middle of your favourite scene – just as the axe is swinging… buffer… just as the tension is building… buffer… there’s the murderer behind the door… buffer. That’s the real horror story, are you in it?  And remember on Halloween, everyone will be trying to load their idea of a scary flick, (like CATS *Shivers*), so the last thing you want is the popcorn to cool while waiting for the credits to roll.

Save your Halloween night, save every movie night because if you order Zzoomm Full Fibre broadband this week you could have it installed right in time for Halloween.

Now that’s #Spooktacular


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