Zzoomm has assembled and powered up a full end-to-end test of our new 10G access network. Working with Adtran customer engineering, the Zzoomm team have built the test bed to simulate our new full fibre network.

It might look like a cabinet full of cream boxes and flashing lights, but the test bed actually includes Internet connectivity, 100Gbps core and edge connectivity and multiple XGS-PON OLTs. And lots of Zzoomm yellow fibre cabling. In addition, the test bed has customer ONTs and routers, to replicate the set-up in a typical household (though admittedly without the grumpy teenagers stealing the WiFi… yet).

Zzoomm will use the test bed to validate all aspects of service management; provisioning, operations and monitoring. It will help Zzoomm ensure that the service we deliver to our customers meets their expectations. Zzoommers want a faster internet – we’ll make sure they get it.

Zzoomm will be testing different software loads to ensure that the network runs reliably and importantly, the test bed will be used to introduce software and hardware failures to ensure that the resilience designed into the network delivers continuous service to customers. Our network won’t just be fast, it will be dependable too.

Getting the network testing underway is another big step towards bringing fast full fibre to homes and businesses across the UK. Get ready. Zzoomm’s coming!