Full fibre, AKA the fastest and most reliable broadband you can get. Gone are the days where Full Fibre broadband was for the techno geeks and gamers. There are so many reasons everyone needs it in their lives.

But what makes Zzoomm Full Fibre so great? If you’re an avid tech lover or a serious gamer, you’ll know how Full Fibre can change your home or business for the better. But for the rest of us who are seemingly fine with our broadband working ‘alright’, what would be the reasons to switch to a full fibre service from Zzoomm?

Whilst we patiently wait for Zzoomm Full Fibre to pave a way in our towns, we asked some of our existing customers the reasons they benefit from Full Fibre. Here are the lucky number 8.

Reason #1

Full Fibre is fast, really fast.

Full Fibre takes the fibre-optic cable that’s directly placed into your home, instead of ending at your street cabinet (otherwise known as FTTC, Superfast or Fibre). Because you aren’t sharing this cable with the rest of your street and beyond, Full Fibre gives you a greater bandwidth which is pretty much just for you, so you can spread the usage across your own devices, instead of your neighbours.

Zzoomm offers homes across the UK up to 2000Mbps of incredible down and upload speeds, making that 40x faster than your usual broadband providers. Yep, that’s right!


Reason #2

Even at the busiest times, we have you covered.

Reliability is just as important as speed. There’s no point having Full Fibre speeds if you can’t make use of them unless you wake up when the rest of the town is sleeping. Which is why even at peak times, we have you covered and will keep you connected when you’re working, chilling and playing.

Did you know?

Fibre-optic cables are also much more durable than copper, so they’re not going to be heavily impacted by increased usage or electrical interferences.

Reason #3

We’re local to every town we build in.

We’re a friendly bunch at Zzoomm. We pride ourselves on our friendly customer service, whether you need help deciding what speed is right for you or if you have a hiccup once you’re installed.

Whether we’re in the office or out on the streets in our brightly coloured uniform, we have a family feel to the business which is reflected in the service you receive. We won’t ask you and we won’t treat you like just another number. Instead, you’ll get to have a chat with one of our service experts who is someone who actually knows your area.


Reason #4

We’re still affordable even when we are up to 40x faster than other providers!

With all these incredible upgrades and unlimited data, you’d think there would be a catch when it comes to monthly payments. At Zzoomm, we like to be transparent to our customers and future customers which is why every customer is offered the same price for the same service – whether you’re in or out of contract.

So with prices starting from just £29.00 per month for our incredible 100Mbps service that you simply can’t get with any non-Full Fibre providers, that’s pretty damn fantastic.

Reason #5

You switch, we install to perfection (if we say so ourselves).

We like to make it super easy for you to switch. You’re probably thinking “but switching providers is a faff”, but here at Zzoomm it’s different. We have our own specialist engineers in your area who will install, connect and take you through your shiny new set up. It’s like a VIP service, but for everyone!

Once you’ve had a chat with us or ordered online, you will be given an install date usually with just a week or so waiting time. After giving you a call to let you know we’re on our way, our technical team will have a chat with you to see where you’d like the Zzoomm Wi-Fi Hubs to be located. We will make sure the space you choose maximises speed and performance.

At point of installation, we will install our wallbox to your wall. It’s this that connects the Full Fibre straight to your home. But don’t worry, our team are experts in making good of work and no, our wires aren’t bright pink!

Once you’re all set up, we will run a speed test and make sure you know how everything works.

It really is as simple as that.

Reason #6

Full Fibre is for everyone in every home.

Full Fibre is the biggest leap forward in connectivity for many years. It’s been built to cope with even the most strenuous of tasks and gone are the days where Full Fibre is just for the techno nerds.

When the gamer in the family wants to play, the sportsman wants to watch football in 4k, the music lover needs to purchase festival tickets and the home office needs to videocall with no blips in sight – you simply can do it all simultaneously.

Fancy registering your interest or want to find out if your area is ready for Zzoomm Full Fibre?

Click here to order or give one of our friendly experts a call on 0333 311 9909.