Average 100Mbps download and 10Mbps upload speed

Ideal for browsing, shopping, searching and watching.

£29 a month
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Average 400Mbps download and 40Mbps upload speed

Our most popular! Perfect for streaming, gaming, surfing and browsing...all at the same time.

£39 a month
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Average 900Mbps download and 90Mbps upload speed

If you're serious about lightning speeds for working, gaming, streaming and more - this is for you.

£59 a month
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Average 2000Mbps download and 200Mbps upload speed

Faster than Superman. Faster than your fingertips. Our fastest unlimited home broadband service is here for you.

£99 a month
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At Zzoomm we do things differently. Want unlimited broadband data? Zzoomm gives you truly unlimited internet access. Forget the home phone, you don't need that anymore. No 24 month contracts, Zzoomm's are only 12 month agreements. No sudden price changes. You pay for the service you ordered. We install 2 Zzoomm Hubs for 100Mbps, 400Mbps and 900Mbps home services to support wider Wi-Fi coverage, while our 2000Mbps service comes with a very special setup. Find out more about our services here:

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