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How do I connect to Zzoomm?

Option 1: Plug in baby! 

Simply use CAT6 Ethernet cable to connect the Ethernet port on your device to one of the four yellow ports on your Zzoomm Hub. (CAT 5e is also compatible but you might not get the full speed).

For devices without an Ethernet port, adaptors can be purchased online or at electronic shops.

Option 2: Wonderful Wi-Fi 

Once you’ve plugged in the power cables, for maximum speed plug one end of your Ethernet cable into one of the Ethernet ports on the back of the Zzoomm Hub. The other end plug into the Ethernet port on your device. (see top tips 1 and 2 on page 12 of our Start Guide[DP1] ).

When connecting to WPS enabled devices, follow the specific device’s instructions. The WPS button can be found on your Zzoomm Hub, labelled ‘WPS’.

Link to QSG [DP1]

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