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The Reboot: Your Wi-Fi Hub

If you’re experiencing problems, rebooting your Zzoomm Hub might fix it!

What is a reboot?

Rebooting your Zzoomm Hub should always be your first step to fix any issues with your Zzoomm service. Just MAKE SURE YOU’RE NOT rebooting your Fibre Connection Box!

Never reboot your Fibre Connection Box unless asked to by a Zzoomm representative. 

When should I reboot? 

We recommend rebooting if you ever have a power outage, speed problems, coverage issues, or anything that seems to be impacting your internet.

How to reboot: 

These instructions relate to your Zzoomm Wi-Fi Hub ONLY. 

  1. Turn the Wi-Fi Hub off at the plug for 30 seconds. Turn it back on and give it a few moments and it should start back up again.

  2. Check that everything is securely plugged in, including the Ethernet cable running from the Fibre Connection Box and the Zzoomm Hub

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