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What Can Affect My Broadband and Wi-Fi Speeds?

First of all, broadband and Wi-Fi are two different things; you can read more about the Difference Between Broadband and Wi-Fi.

Unlike fibre to the cabinet (also known as FTTC or part fibre-part copper) or older full-copper ADSL, the broadband speed to your Zzoomm router is not affected by how far you live from the exchange or how far you live from the Zzoomm full fibre street cabinet.

If there’s a fault or problem with your line, such as a break or damage to the cable, this would affect the broadband speed of your Zzoomm router and your Wi-Fi connection.

But the Wi-Fi speeds to your devices around your home can sometimes be slower than the broadband speed to your Zzoomm router.

Wi-Fi speeds can be affected by:

  • Your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other device. Some devices can handle higher speeds than others – check your device’s maximum download speeds.
  • The number of apps or web pages that are being used. This includes ones being used in the background (haven’t been closed or run continuously to gather data, such as step trackers) that will continue to use bandwidth.
  • The layout and construction of your home. Thicker brick walls and foil-backed plasterboard and insulation will all impact your Wi-Fi performance.
  • The number of devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi and what you’re using them for. See more on that here (link to What is the Difference Between Broadband and Wi-Fi?)
  • The set-up of your Zzoomm router and other equipment in your home. Boosters and Wi-Fi extenders can improve the Wi-Fi coverage across your home but can reduce the speed of your device if connected through these.
  • The latest home technology, such as smart TVs, Sonos, Amazon Alexa, Google Home Hubs, Sky Glass, lighting and sound systems, and app-controlled thermostats, can also use up your bandwidth. This is why Zzoomm broadband plans start at 150Mbps to ensure your internet speed can handle all of these devices.

Check each of your device’s minimum requirements and think about upgrading your package if you have too many high-bandwidth devices on your network.

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