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What is WREX?

Our WREX solutions help you maximise Wi-Fi range and strength, which is especially important if you have a big house or old house where one Wi-Fi Hub just isn’t enough.
WREX is a wireless MESH access point that can improve the Wi-Fi coverage across your home, (like a ‘daisy chain’ over Wi-Fi), which provides faster Wi-Fi in rooms far away from your Zzoomm Hub.

You can also connect devices, such as game consoles or TVs, to WREX using an Ethernet cable to ensure every device you’ve got is connecting at the fastest possible speeds.

If you’re keen to explore our WREX products, call us on 0333 311 9911 to find out more.
(But before you decide to drop the dough, check out our Start Guide to make sure nothing’s affecting your current Wi-Fi setup.)

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