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Wi-Fi Hub placement

In short, keep it away from walls, electronic devices and other ‘big things’ so it can spread its waves far and wide. Keep on reading for some more detailed advice and call 0333 311 9933 if you’re still stuck afterwards.

Wi-Fi works like radio, so bear in mind things that would impact any signal such as; unobstructed placement (not inside a cabinet), centrally locating the router (the closer to where it will get the most use the better!) and placing the Wi-Fi Hub away from other electronics (other electronics emit their own interference just by being switched on!).

Wi-Fi signal is like sound from a speaker – the closer you are to the speaker the louder the sound is – just as the closer you are to the Zzoomm Hub the stronger the Wi-Fi signal is.

Wi-Fi travels in a straight line to your device, any objects between the Zzoomm Hub and the device will interfere with the Wi-Fi signal. Always make sure there are minimal obstructions around it.

Mirrors, TVs & microwaves all interfere with the Wi-Fi signal, so try to avoid placing your Zzoomm Hub near, and especially behind, these items.

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