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What does ‘symmetrical speeds’ mean? 

It basically means your upload and download speeds are exactly the same.

Your internet connection sends data in two directions – to your home and out of it. However, most Broadband connections reduce the speed of data being sent from your home (uploads) to enable faster download speeds and more connections across the network.

However, we keep our up/downloads at the same speeds (that’s where ‘symmetrical comes from’) so that you don’t have any issues in either direction.

How do I perform a ‘speed test’?
Testing your broadband speed is easy. Just visit and follow the instructions on the screen.

Here are a couple of tips so you get the most accurate result:

  • If possible, test your Full Fibre broadband speed using an Ethernet cable 
  • Try and make sure no other connected devices are in use when running a speed test. 
  • Disconnect all devices from your broadband (except the device you’re testing on), including those connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi as they will affect the test. 
  • You can also test a specific device over Wi-Fi.  

Alternatively, you can use a third-party speed tester like Ookla

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