At Zzoomm Full Fibre broadband we always give you more. And so, we’re upgrading our speeds, and the best news…It’s all for FREE!


Unlike most providers, we’ve built our own brand new broadband network to fully support the demands of homes and businesses who simply need fabulous Full Fibre, not just to the cabinet but directly to your property. It’s no longer just the laptop, TV, and tablets that need our services, it’s the Microsoft Teams, multiple iPads, Ring doorbells, Nest heating and Amazon Echo’s. We all know that in our homes now and in the future any device you name will be connected.

So, with more smart devices than ever before demanding your broadband bandwidth, you need smarter broadband.

And so, we feel it’s the right time to make a few upgrades.

Our home service speeds are getting a boost

Speed upgrade alert 1 – Our 100Mbps service will now be provided at 150Mbps for all new and existing customers on this service. And one of the best parts is there’s no increase in cost.

Speed upgrade alert 2 – Our 400Mbps service will now be 450Mbps for all customers on this service speed. Again, we are not changing prices. We are simply giving you more to do more.

The Next Surprise – Say hello to symmetrical services – at no extra cost

From September 1st, every Zzoomm service comes with the same download and upload speeds, also known as symmetrical broadband (Previously Match Power-Up). That means if you have 900Mbps download, you will also have 900Mbps upload. 2000Mbps down + 2000Mbps up.


Symmetrical broadband sounds impressive, but what does it really mean for me?

With our symmetrical broadband connection, you’ll be receiving broadband with equal download and upload speeds starting at 150/150Mbps, way beyond what any other provider can give you with their fibre to the cabinet services. These normally operate around the 40/15Mbps mark.

What is upload speed?

In the simplest of terms, an upload speed is the amount of data that you can send in a given second from your devices to a server. This is different to download speeds, which is the amount of data your devices can receive in a second. The faster the speed for both up and down, the faster connection you will have which means the smoother your experience.

You’ll use upload speeds for things like:

  • Managing multiple devices in the home being used all at once
  • Working from home (if you find you’re freezing on video calls – blame your upload speed!)
  • Sending large data files on We transfer, Google Drive or OneDrive etc.
  • Working with cloud tools and shared applications faster than ever before without that annoying lag
  • Backing up data instantly to the Cloud or Dropbox
  • Gaming – whether you’re a novice or a pro! Upload speeds are needed for any and all online gaming.
  • Sharing photos, videos and going live on Instagram will be as easy as accidentally double tapping a photo you really shouldn’t have.

What does this do for you?

Upload speed supports online activities like making video calls glitch-free, allowing you to connect without buffering.

What do I do if I am a Zzoomm customer?

Sit back and relax. We’ll l do all the hard work and you will see your new speed and upload inclusion on your next invoice, so you can enjoy this increase on us. We’ll also send you an email detailing these new changes.

What if I have ‘Match’ Power-Up with my Zzoomm Service?

Congratulations on getting upload speed first! With our new service plan you won’t pay any more than you do now and you’ll get a whole lot more. We’ll be in touch to discuss your service soon. Again, you will see this change reflected in your next invoice.

What does my current provider give me?

If you’re not yet with Zzoomm, you should check your current broadband speeds using a speed test such as You’ll probably notice your upload speeds are significantly lower than your download speeds. This is because your provider uses antiquated copper technology whereas Zzoomm is a Full Fibre broadband network with the capacity to give you what you really need. If you’re not on Zzoomm, your current provider can’t give you symmetrical upload and download speeds – it’s only possible with Zzoomm Full Fibre Broadband.

We’re evolving to the here, now and future

The world has changed, we have changed, and we know these service changes will benefit both our current and future customers as we all get used to new ways of working, relaxing and connecting better than ever before.

If you want to chat about these changes or about your broadband needs give us a call at 0333 311 9933, email or live chat on this site.