Zzoomm, the recently launched full fibre network operator which will build and operate full fibre infrastructure in towns and suburbs across the UK, has applied to Ofcom for Code powers. Code powers allow an operator to build its networks in the public highway. Today, Ofcom launched a formal 30-day consultation in order to apply Code powers to Zzoomm.

Zzoomm will deliver high quality full fibre broadband to homes and businesses which are currently only served by copper infrastructure.

The Code powers will enable Zzoomm to reach every property within each town they serve. Zzoomm will be able to construct and maintain its full fibre network and associated ducts and network equipment in the public highway, without the need for a specific street works licence for every street.

Zzoomm’s new network infrastructure will deliver broadband speeds of up to 10Gbps (10 Gigabits of data per second) to homes and businesses, both downloads and uploads some 400 to 500 times* faster than the average speeds across copper infrastructure.

Network build is scheduled to start in summer 2019.

Matthew Hare, Zzoomm Chief Executive said:

“The granting of Code powers to Zzoomm by Ofcom is another important step in our mission to bring full fibre to the UK.

“We’ve selected our key technology partner, we’re designing our network and we’re moving at speed to do our bit to get the UK connected to a much faster full fibre future.

“Large parts of the UK are struggling with a broadband connection that just doesn’t meet their ever-growing needs. More streaming, more remote working, more cloud computing and even more gaming, means that there’s a substantial and growing demand for the vastly better broadband experience that we at Zzoomm will deliver.”

* Source: thinkbroadband.com – Q4 2018 median figures