What Makes Zzoomm Different

Unboxing Zzoomm

You’ve been online, you’ve seen the video’s, but what do you really get when you order Zzoomm? Quite simply, the fastest, most reliable broadband available in the UK for today, and for the future.

There’s more to bringing you blistering loading times than just hooking up your router, you can read about stuff like bandwidth here, or speeds here, but we hope this page will help to clear up some of the ins and outs for you while letting you know exactly what to expect when you order Zzoomm.

Unboxing Zzoomm

Forget Sharing Your Broadband Connection With The Whole Street - Welcome To The Full Fibre Difference

Zzoomm customers are able to enjoy such fantastic broadband speeds across multiple devices at the same time thanks to Zzoomm’s Full Fibre network. Unlike most Internet Service Providers, we install this fibre directly to your property, not just to the main switching cabinet in the street (those big green boxes).

This Full Fibre connection is why we’re so different, and why our service is so consistent, not affected by the weather or other customers online in the street, which reduces the amount and speed that data travels along traditional copper networks.

Whether you’re at home or work, a copper-based broadband connection will be thinly shared across multiple devices, and it’s why you could be experiencing such slow speeds. Ultimately, the more Mbps you have available, the more broadband you can share across more devices at the same time. Zzoomm’s Full Fibre broadband gives you more Mbps, with broadband that’s 6 times faster than other providers you may have experienced which use the old copper technology. Tech which, due to its design, has a finite data transferability. Unlike fibre optic cables which transfer data through light pulses, equipping you with much larger data-carrying capacity.

The bottom line here is, Zzoomm’s brand new, Full Fibre network gives you the bandwidth capacity you need to go faster and get more from your broadband.

Zzoomm Speeds and what to expect

You may not have experienced broadband speeds like Zzoomm before so here’s a little information about what to expect. We configure the service to deliver to your Hub the amazing Zzoomm speed you ordered online. The Mbps speed Zzoomm services advertise and provide are best achieved with a wired connection to your Zzoomm Hub. The best way to take advantage of this is to directly connect Ethernet cables to as many data-hungry devices as you can using the Ethernet ports situated on the back of the Zzoomm Hub. Using a good quality, up to date Ethernet cable gives you access to the fastest speeds in the UK.

Remember though, if you have 20 devices all connected to the broadband over Wi-Fi, and even if you’re only using one device at that time, say your smart TV to catch up on your favourite show, that smart TV is still sharing the connection with the other 19 devices updating, refreshing and waiting for you to reconnect with them. Once again, to maximise the speed your Zzoomm service can provide, connecting your devices with an Ethernet cable rather than Wi-Fi will provide you with a much faster, uninterrupted experience.

What’s in the Zzoomm Hubs?

For our 100/400/900 Mbps customers, your broadband will be delivered to you via two Zzoomm Adtran SmartRG 400 hubs cabled together. What does this give you? Quite simply more reliable Wi-Fi coverage for you to work, stream and play.

To get the absolute best from your new broadband, we recommend connecting as many devices you can, directly to your Zzoomm Hub using the ethernet ports.

Our 2000 Mbps customers get something really special. We deliver this incredible service to you via one fantastic Zzoomm Zyxel AX7501 hub. Why one and not two? Most customers choose our 2000 Mbps service because they’re looking to set up their own home network. If this is you, this hub and the provided support will help you do just this.

Setting Up and Zzoomming - Installing your Zzoomm service

We do all the hard work for you. Our installers will start by discussing how you may want to use the service; perhaps it’s streaming or gaming, or are you working from home? They will also discuss where you want to receive the Zzoomm signal most. For example, in the lounge, in a home office, or even the kitchen where you stream your favourite cooking shows. Wherever you want it, we install Zzoomm to suit you best.

It’s good to think about this in advance so we can plan where your Zzoomm Hub(s) will go. We then get to work, and once it’s all installed, tested and configured (and we’ve tidied everything up), we hand the service over so you can get Zzoomming!

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