Why choose us?


Wave goodbye to frozen Facetimes, lagging games and eating the popcorn before the film has loaded. Our Zzoomm technology is installed straight in to your home and is exclusively for you.

Work, game, browse and watch with no glitching in sight.

We believe everyone deserves to experience seamless connection and can confidently close the door on  buffering broadband for good. That’s why all of our offerings also include unlimited data, no sudden price changes and only 12 month agreements.

The Full Fibre Difference

You may not have experienced broadband speeds like Zzoomm before so check out the diagram which explains the difference between a Full Fibre To The Premise option that Zzoomm uses against Full Fibre To The Cabinet that most providers have.

Our Zzoomm hubs

With advanced connection technology, our routers come with easy to use features that deliver the fastest speeds throughout every room in your home. Our top features include:

  • 2 routers for home networks to provide seamless coverage
  • 6 perfectly positioned antennas in each router
  • 4 gibabit ethernet ports
  • Self optimizing in channel selection for easy router management
  • Wall mountable

And don’t worry…It’s not pink!

Zzoomm speeds

You’ve been online, you’ve seen the video’s, but what do you really get when you order Zzoomm? Quite simply, the fastest, most reliable broadband available in the UK for today, and for the future.

There’s more to bringing you blistering loading times than just hooking up your router, you can read about stuff like bandwidth here, or speeds here, but we hope this page will help to clear up some of the ins and outs for you while letting you know exactly what to expect when you order Zzoomm.

Installing Zzoomm

After you’ve ordered the right service for you and your installation date is on the horizon, it’s a good idea to think about where you want your routers installed.

On arrival, our technical team will have a quick chat with you on how you want to use the service; perhaps it’s streaming or gaming, or are you working from home? Maybe it’s a busy household that needs everything. This will help them decide where you will want to absolutely maximise the Zzoomm speeds.


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