Zzoomm Installation Guide

For our Zzoomm Hub Quick Start installation guide, please click here: Quick Start guide

To find out more about your installation, please watch the video and see below:

Preparing for installation

In order to get your very own Zzoomm Full Fibre broadband service, there are a few things to consider before the engineers arrive to install your new connection. Here at Zzoomm we’re all about speed, and so we thought it would be useful to provide you with a quick and handy step-by-step preparation guide before the big day!

How do we install?

This depends on how we have constructed our network for you.

There are 2 possible ways we deliver service;

  • Either directly via a termination point outside your property


  • By using BT Openreach infrastructure, either on their poles or underground.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose which method as this is a function of our network design and construction process.


Step 1:

  • Place an order either online or through one of our sales agents.
  • As part of doing that, book a survey or an installation slot for an engineer to come to your property. To remind you, you’ll receive a text message from us the day before the visit. Please be aware we cannot visit if there is no one home.

Step 2:

  • Pick where you want your Zzoomm hub to go. we will advise you on the best location.
  • We recommend making the most of your service by connecting data-hungry devices directly to your Zzoomm hub using an ethernet cable.
  • We do not guarantee whole-home coverage (this is impossible for anyone to guarantee).

Step 3:

  • If our network is delivered to you directly a point in the ground outside of your property, we may need to dig a trench to reach the property.
  • You can check this by looking for a small black box in the pavement with ‘Zzoomm’ on it.
  • If we are delivering our service to you using BT Openreach poles or ducts, we will not need to dig any trenches, but we will need to make sure everything is ready and so we will have to survey first.

Step 4:

  • Regardless of getting the connection to the property, a little grey ‘wall box’ will go on the outside wall of your property and a black ‘fibre connection box’ will go on the inside of your property.
  • Drilling is needed to do this; you may want these boxes to be discreet so think where you’d like them to go.
  • We appreciate that sometimes this can be a little disruptive, so we’ll do our best to tidy up after ourselves, and to reinstate everything to as close to how it was as we can.

Step 5:

  • We like to be completely transparent with our customers so at the end of the installation process the engineer will run speed tests to make sure you get the service you are paying for.



What needs power?

Your two Zzoomm Hub and your Fibre Connection Box both need power.

Can I have the Zzoomm Hub wherever I want?

Yes, as long as you are comfortable with its positioning. We will advise you on the best location, but ultimately the final positioning is up to you of course.

How much does installation cost?

Standard installation is free. If we think the installation will take longer than 4 hours or is particularly complex, then we book a survey with you to discuss your options. Our survey visit is also free, and you will not pay anything to connect your service until we have agreed on how long it will take & any additional costs to install Zzoomm to your home.

Why do I need a survey?

We need to determine the best, safest, most efficient way to connect your home to the existing infrastructure in your street. This will mean a more sustainable connection for your Zzoomm Full Fibre broadband now and for the future.

What happens at the survey?

We’ll agree on the external connection route, Zzoomm Hub locations and internal cabling route with you. We’ll inform you whether it’s going to take 2/4 or more hours and therefore whether it’s going to be a chargeable service. We’ll also discuss landlord permissions, if necessary, that are needed based on the route. If possible, we’ll book the installation date with you there and then during the survey. We’ll take photos so that we have a record for when we come to install, and you can also have a copy if this will support you getting landlord permissions.

Can you install it in a garden office?

We’d love to install our service in your garden office. However, this will be a chargeable installation and will need a survey first so call us and let us know if that’s where you want a Zzoomm Hub installed!

Landlord permissions?

If you are a tenant, then you do require your landlord’s permission to have Zzoomm installed in your home. You will also need permission if we need to cross someone else’s property to access yours, for instance, sometimes you will need your neighbour’s permission if you have a shared driveway.

If I want the Hub moved, do I have to pay you to do this?

If you want the Hub moved, we can happily do this for you, but unfortunately, this visit will be chargeable.

I want to use my own Router rather than yours, can I do this?

One of the benefits of the Zzoomm set-up is that you can quite possibly plug your own router into the Zzoomm wall box and let your own router take the place of the Zzoomm hub. Obviously, we cannot guarantee every router in the market will work just fine, but many of our customers do just that Obviously, we cannot connect or set this up for you as it isn’t our equipment, and nor can we support or troubleshoot the service beyond our own equipment. If you asked us not to install our hubs at the original installation, we can install them at a later date, but unfortunately, this second visit will be chargeable.