It all starts with wires

Traditional broadband connections use copper wires all the way from the cabinet in your street to your home. Copper is great at carrying phone calls, but when it’s used for data – as it has been for years – it can create certain problems.

However, given the fact it would be incredibly expensive to dig up every pavement and road to the replace the old copper wire that runs through every street, most providers still use a combition of fibre optic cables and old copper phone wires to reach homes with what they sneakily call “fibre broadband”. This fibre optic cable runs from the data centre to your street cabinet – also know as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). But from there, broadband is delivered via the old copper phone wires into the home.

Although this is an improvement, it’s not the ideal solution. In some areas, especially outside of cities, a huge proportion of communities are reliant on Fibre to the Cabinet to cater for their busy homes and hybrid working spaces – and it just simply isn’t enough bandwidth given the step up in our data usage.

The Full Fibre difference

Zzoomm delivers 100% Full Fibre to the Home (FTTH) which takes the fibre-optic cable directly to your doorstep.

Because you aren’t sharing this cable with the rest of your street and beyond, Full Fibre gives you a greater bandwidth which is pretty much just for you, so you can spread the usage across your own devices, instead of your neighbours.

Unlike most providers, Zzoomm build, own and operate its full fibre network with the most advanced technology available, so we don’t have to rely on Openreach’s cable (or anyone else’s).

We also offer homes across the UK equal download and upload speeds of up to 2000Mbps, making that up to 40x faster than your usual broadband providers.



It’s worth the wait

Full fibre is one of the biggest leaps forward when it come to connectivity.

It’s built to cope with even the most demanding internet use both now and in the future. Which means it will provide all the bandwidth you need today and for years to come.

When you’re looking for the ultimate home connection, when the whole family wants to connect without compromise, when reliable home working is a must, when video calling is crucial, when you’re connecting the smart home of the future, today… well, full fibre is definitely worth the wait.


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