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Incredible broadband speeds to futureproof your home.

Glorious broadband speeds

Full Fibre takes the fibre-optic cable that’s directly placed into your home, instead of ending at your street cabinet (otherwise known as FTTC, Superfast or Fibre). Because you aren’t sharing this cable with the rest of your street and beyond, Full Fibre gives you a greater bandwidth which is pretty much just for you, so you can spread the usage across your own devices, instead of your neighbours.

Full Fibre vs Copper networks

The world of broadband speeds can be complicated, so here’s our need-to-know guide to broadband so you can make the right choice about your internet provider.

The Big Bandwidth Issue

Have you ever wondered why you get the broadband speed you get? To help you understand what you’re getting, in the linked article we have unpacked the two main factors determining your broadband speed and what you can do to get more.

Two primary factors determine the broadband speed that you receive:

•The Broadband infrastructure that connects your home

• The service that you choose when you order broadband from your supplier.

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