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What is Zzoomm?

Zzoomm is the new Full Fibre network that gives you more.
Completely separate to any other network such as Virgin, BT, TalkTalk or others, Zzoomm means you can forget the problems you have had with them forever.
We’re bringing more broadband to more homes and businesses across the UK.
More speed so that movies stream seamlessly.
More capacity so you can be online at the same time as your kids.

Our founder

Zzoomm was founded by Matthew Hare, Chief Executive, in December 2018, to bring full fibre to homes and businesses across the UK.

Matthew is a veteran of the UK fibre infrastructure industry. He founded rural full fibre operator Gigaclear PLC in 2010. Matthew was Chief Executive until the takeover by Infracapital in 2018 when he stepped down.

During 2018, Matthew was recognised for his contribution to the development of full fibre networks with the award of European Fibre Executive of the Year, an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours and UK Internet Services Executive of the Year 2018.

Matthew’s already won some awards

Winners of FTTH Council Europe Awards 2018
Queen’s Birthday Honours for CEO of Rural FTTP ISP Gigaclear
Winners of the ISPA’s 2018 UK ISP Internet Industry Awards Unveiled

What’s Full Fibre?

Our Full Fibre network uses the fastest fibre cables, so you quite literally get the internet at the speed of light. Our fibre cables run straight into your home, right to your router, so it’s fast all the way. And that means you can do more.

Most networks use a mix of fibre and copper. That means the connection to your home or business uses a copper cable rather than fibre. The longer the copper cable to your home or business, the slower and less reliable your connection will be.

Zzoomm isn’t just about today: our Full Fibre network gives the performance and quality that you’ll want tomorrow, next year and next decade right now.

Better broadband, and better service

We don't just deliver high quality broadband. We believe in delivering great customer service too.

Zzoomm gives you more wi-fi where you want it. We'll help you decide where you want your Full Fibre router installed so that you get the best possible wi-fi signal inside your home.

You can have more confidence that you can always get online, because our network has been designed to be dependable.

And we’ll make moving house more convenient. If you move we'll get you up and running online again superfast.

Join us – Become a Zzoommer

Building a Full Fibre network like ours takes a great team. One that loves doing more for our customers.

We're hiring Zzoommers to join our regional offices and field teams and we need to find sales, marketing, finance and tech people to support them from our head office in Oxford.

Zzoomm is the Full Fibre network that gives you more and that’s for our Zzoommers too with fabulous pay, benefits and brilliant people.

So whether you're handy with a shovel, a splicer or a spreadsheet then take a look. We want you!

Working with Ofcom

In May Ofcom granted Zzoomm Code Powers. These are needed by telecommunications operators in order to build networks in the Public Highway. A public consultation on this application in underway.

Zzoomm PLC (company number 11738914) is owned by Zzoomm Group Ltd (company number 11734368) and both companies are registered in England and Wales with Registered Offices at C/O Gordon Dadds Corporation Services Limited, Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman Street, London, United Kingdom E1 8QN.

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