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Here’s everything you’ll need to know about your bills including, when, where and how we’ll take payments, and how we give you as much control as possible over your billing.

If you’re struggling to make a BACS payment, get in touch with your bank who can support you, and let them know our details:

BACS Payment Instructions for Zzoomm Plc:

Recipient: Zzoomm Plc (Current)

Sort Code: 20-65-46

Account Number: 50704687

Reference: Your address

You should have received an email from us (it may have landed in your spam folder so make sure to mark Zzoomm as ‘not spam’!)

From there:

  1. Click the link to go to Your Account
  2. Create your username & password
  3. Go to My Service.
  4. Add your payment method of Direct Debit and add your details.
  5. You’re done!

Then, your first payment will be taken on the day you go live.

Each month you’ll receive your invoice, which will specify the start-date and end-date of the billing period, and the billing date. Your monthly invoice also includes all your Zzoomm services and fees, including line rental charges, but be careful not to confuse this with telephone line rental – that’s a separate service all together!

We always bill a month in advance, so your first bill is generated the day after your Zzoomm service has been installed.  

Your first payment will be debited 3-5 working days after your bill is generated, which then becomes your regular billing cycle, unless you contact us to change it. 

We can change your billing date once your first two payments have been completed. Just ring the team on 0333 311 9933.

It can be anything between 1st-28th of the month. Once it’s changed, payments will be taken 3-5 working days of that date.

The full info is in our [T&Cs], but basically, the early termination fee is the value of the remainder of your contract, minus 20%. Give us a call on 0333 311 9933 if you’d like to discuss this further.

You can change your Direct Debit details by visiting the Zzoomm Portal. You’ll need the email address and password that you used to first set up the Direct Debit. 

There’s also a ‘reset password’ link there, if you’ve forgotten it!

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