If you’re like Olly, you can emphasise with the frustrations of living in a smart home and the devices not working properly. You invest in a 4K TV, your kids are gaming fanatics, you’ve ring doors bells, Alexa’s, Philips Hue lighting kitted throughout the home and an office set up for those work from home days…and yet surprisingly, it’s your broadband connection that’s holding you back from experiencing all these devices work in harmony.

Olly’s reason for switching to Full Fibre broadband was because he needed faster upload speeds.

Upload speeds are crucial for Olly (and are more important for homes using the internet now more than ever!) as it affects his ability to video call without buffering, let the kids game without lagging (and moaning), and using security cameras and other devices that need to share data with cloud services. Read more about upload and download speeds here.

“Historically, the kids were yelling “Dad, your internets rubbish!” all of that has stopped now…the ping is good”

Full Fibre provides a more robust, reliable connection than traditional copper wires that providers on Openreach reach use. The more connected devices in our homes, the higher our need is to receive a connection that can handle the demand of technology.

“I knew that I wasn’t going to get a decent broadband connection from any of the traditional providers – I needed something fresh and new”

If you’re excited by the connected home, just remember you’ll need an internet connection that’s capable of providing future ready speeds and reliability right now. When you’re looking for the ultimate in connectivity and compromise on quality isn’t an option, then your home needs Zzoomm Full Fibre.

See Olly talk about his experience with Zzoomm and why upgrading was the best thing he’s done this year.

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