We spoke with 10 Zzoommers here at Zzoomm to find out what they’ve been up to whilst staying at home.


1. “DIY fixing radiators & baking ginger biscuits.”

A good time for some DIY work around the house and having some great biscuits once you’re done is a nice treat.


2. “Opening the family home salon to paint nails to give the girls (and us) a pamper evening.”

If the girls can’t go to the salon then the salon comes to the girls. Who doesn’t love a pamper evening anyway? Luckily it’s always open!


3. “Netflix, Playstation, Music, spotting new grey hairs.”

Well we all need a hobby, right? PlayStation can be a great way to stay connected with friends with online games and chats, and we are always getting older!


4. “We’re using the time on lockdown to do all those jobs we’ve been putting off until we have some spare time! So far, we’ve cleared out the garage, tidied the loft and I’ve re-organised the airing cupboard! We’ve also got the kids a new trampoline, so we’ve mostly been digging a massive hole in the garden! Safe to say I’m not going to be any use to any of our build teams.”

There is no time like the present to finish those projects around the house we’ve been putting off for months.


5. “I am enjoying box setting the evenings in with six seasons of the Americans and cooking a great deal, way too much binging really of both. ”

It’s what days in are for – boxsets and good food. Sounds like the perfect weekend in.


6. “Clearing, cleaning & repeat. I’ve been clearing my room of all the stuff I’d hoarded from my old university house and enjoying great home-cooked dinners now I’m back at home.”

Home cooking’s just what you need after a hard day’s spring clean. Can’t complain about that.


7. “I have finally started going on the cross trainer; hopefully, I can get back into shape. Also, I have spent time cooking and watching Escape to the Chateaux DIY with my wife, dreaming of having that Chateaux life one day.”

Escaping to your own Chateaux sounds wonderful, as long as it has Full Fibre broadband… Get that summer body ready and perfect your cooking skills. Home and Body DIY!


8. “Downloading the album art for my online music collection and separating them into genres and playlists. Strangely satisfying.”

We all love a bit of strangely satisfying organisation. An organised collection leads to a sound mind.


9. “Indoor exercise and Netflix.”

Netflix & press-ups? The new way to stay fit, healthy and catch up on your favourite shows.


10. “The Joe Wicks PE lesson every day, our first exercise in two years!”

Where would parents be without YouTube stars?