Many of the big broadband suppliers have recently announced plans to raise their prices, automatically increasing your monthly bills. Have you received your price rise notification?

These unwelcome price increases from BT, Virgin, EE & others can leave a sour taste in the mouth.

And if you have experienced connection issues or poor customer support, it might feel like you are getting ripped off, being asked to pay more for a service that is only so-so.
Do you feel like you are not in control of your broadband choices? That there is no real alternative to the Openreach copper network?

Well, there is, and you can choose something better.

The truth is that you have the power to switch service providers and to switch networks at the same time. You have control, you just need to exercise your choice and say NO MORE to overpriced substandard services.


How To Take the Power Back


Price Hikes

The truth is that under Ofcom regulations, price changes may render your agreement void. You may have up to 30 days after the price rise in which you can change provider with no penalty. Check with your broadband supplier and you may be able to switch right now and not wait until the end of your current contract.

Some broadband suppliers take the clever marketing methodology of telling you that “you don’t have to do anything” when they send you the letter about your service price increase. They will often explain that you can change your service provider at this point with the hope that most people will not notice this detail or stop to say, hang on that’s not what I signed up for!

And a majority of us would indeed accept the status quo. But that status quo comes at a higher price, literally. Getting overcharged for a substandard service has become the norm.

New Contracts

Even sneakier is the changes that some providers have made to contracts.

Customers of BT and EE broadband who sign up to a new deal or renew their existing one this year will be signing up to a price hike in the future with no escape. What’s more, is that the monthly increase will soar above the rate of inflation meaning you really will be paying more for less.
What these providers are again counting on is that you feel it is too much trouble to switch. When you can get a service that is genuinely better, it is not too much effort.

It’s actually very easy to switch broadband providers and can be penalty and stress-free. You’ll reap the benefits of speeds like a blisteringly fast 100Mbps broadband service which if you check the price comparison below, is actually £3 cheaper than a service at 67Mbps, almost half the speed available. The value increases as you look at faster packages like 400Mbps which with the increase in speed allows video calls to run smoother and more devices in your home or business to connect at the same time without interruption.


Now to Take the Power Back.

The reality is with a Full Fibre network operator and service provider like Zzoomm, you have the power to make a better decision and switch and get much more broadband for your pound. Couple this with real human customer service rated 5* and you can be enjoying better broadband. Do not do sit back and do nothing, with an easy decision to switch you can have better.

Check out what is in your contract here.
Find out more about the difference in broadband networks here and check out what it’s like to Zzoomm in our videos.

Remember to check your contract, or talk with your broadband supplier, and take advantage of your right to leave them without penalty when they raise your monthly service charges.