Home is where we laugh, talk, share and work. It’s where we relax, look after our pets and come together as a  family.

How we do all this has changed in the 21st century and even more so in the past few months. We laugh at Netflix, we talk on Zoom, Skype, we share on Facebook and we live day-to-day connected with the world inside and outside of our home. Your home is full of Internet-connected gadgets and gizmos – Think of all the phones, tablets, laptops, Alexa’s, Google Homes spread across your home. Not to mention your Hive thermostat, Smart Bulbs, Smart TV’s and much, much more, all talking to each other, all using your Wi-Fi which of course drains your broadband. All these gadgets and gizmos make up family life as we know it, working together to make our lives better.

It’s not at the front of everyone’s mind, but these gadgets use data, send data and receive data and lots of it. When you’re on a video call with your gran, that’s data! When you binge your favourite show on Netflix, that’s data! Instagram – Data! Smart TV – Data!

Your broadband connects these devices and the data they feed off to connect, for you to call Gran, binge and post as you like, stream how much you like, when you like. But, bad broadband – the old copper networks connected to your home that carries this data is old, really old, we’re talking over a hundred years old! With so many devices now using this older network, it has become a bit like a traffic jam. That’s a conflict between devices leading to a drain on bandwidth, lag in games, buffering or pixelating streaming, slow connections and a bad online experience for everyone. Your online experience isn’t what you want or expect, even on brand new devices when your broadband uses copper

Zzoomm’s brand new network, totally separate from these old copper networks the likes of BT, Sky and Talk Talk use, is available to you to solve these problems with Zzoomm’s Full Fibre Broadband.

We know how important great connectivity across your home is and we also know you’ve got Wi-Fi not-spots (that’s somewhere in your home with really bad Wi-Fi signal). So as well as giving you faster, more reliable broadband we give you even more with a Double Wi-Fi set-up to help get rid of the not-spots in your home.

How does that work? Very simply, when you order Zzoomm’s fabulous home Full Fibre services, from 100Mbps all the way up to 900Mbps, you receive two Zzoomm Hubs (routers) as part of your service. We’ll install these Zzoomm Hubs in your home wherever you want. You decide where you need a Wi-Fi boost the most. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to place them, our fabulous team of installers will help you decide on your day of installation based on where and how you use the internet in your home.

Our Hubs (your Hubs when you order) are the true rock stars of the set-up, beating your not-spots and winning the day for your household!

The two Zzoomm Hubs work together to produce a single Wi-Fi signal in your home. For example, when you order our POW! service of 400Mbps, then both devices will deliver your 400Mbps Full Fibre signal. You’ll get Double the Wi-Fi coverage in your home, keeping granny on Skype, Netflix rolling and social posts flowing.

Not all Wi-Fi set-ups are the same and while our Full Fibre broadband signal is the fastest in the UK, Wi-Fi reception can be impacted by your home, your devices, even your Goldfish Bowl. Take a look at our Home Networking Guide to find out how you can optimise your Wi-Fi set-up.

So here’s the download

More Wi-Fi where you want it in your home.

More connectivity, more speed and more choice.

More time for you to be connected and live your life.

Stay connected to family, friends and colleagues with Zzoomm Full Fibre broadband.