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International Women’s Day with Ysabel Brown, a Junior Field Service Engineer at Zzoomm

Today is International Women’s Day 2022, it is a day where we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. This year’s theme is all about Breaking The Bias so we’ve spoken with Ysabel Brown, our Junior Field Service Engineer in the North East.

In a male-dominated field, Ysabel has previously felt sceptical about how she would be treated within the world of Field Service because of her gender. When she joined Zzoomm six months ago, her mind was put at ease. Here is her story.

“When I joined Zzoomm, I was one of the first in my team. This allowed me to grow a rapport with the team as we started to grow on the build. One of the things I noticed when starting Zzoomm was that I was treated equally to my peers. As a team, we were all held to the same standard, which allows us to work together cohesively and get the job done.

Zzoomm makes a conscious effort to break any biases throughout the department. Even in challenging times where I have faced prejudice because I am a woman, the support I received from the team empowers me to continue the great work I am doing. My boss has facilitated a zero-tolerance policy towards gender biases and discrimination in any form.

This has been the difference compared to my previous jobs, as the support from the top-down in Zzoomm is so consistent and means we can all stay on track to providing that Full Fibre network to the North East.

I am the only woman in my department so far, therefore I implore any women who are interested in this Field Service or Fibre industry to get involved.

It is instilled in us from an early age that we are not meant for this type of work, but we are and we can do it! Zzoomm encourages everyone to come on board and be the best they can be. 

Every day for me as a Junior Field Service Engineer is great. Coming to work to do what I love and being surrounded by such a supportive team is just priceless.” 

Here at Zzoomm, we are committed to breaking the bias within the workplace. We believe in a continuous focus on equality, diversity and inclusion all year round.  #BreakTheBias

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