What it’s like to Zzoomm with Henley’s star Area Service Manager, Ricardo

We recently spoke to Zzoomm’s friendly Area Service Manager here in Henley, Ricardo Rosado. In this brief interview, we ask him to tell us a little more about himself, how the installation team is coping during the pandemic and why he recommends his friends and neighbours switch to Zzoomm.

So, let’s Zzoomm into the questions.

Tell us about yourself and what brought you to Henley?

My name’s Ricardo. Originally from Portugal, I was first drawn to the area because my family started a restaurant business here more than 30 years ago. I’ve now lived in Henley for over 22 years, and I can honestly say I love this area, Henley town and of course, our community.

How long have you been in the telecoms industry?

Here’s Ricardo in 2019 connecting apartments in Henley to the Zzoomm Full Fibre network

I’ve worked in this industry for 15 years across multiple roles and for many of the traditional telecoms suppliers.

Before I joined Zzoomm, I was the area manager for a big brand, in charge of every aspect of the installation, setup and maintenance programme in London, covering areas like Kensington and Chelsea, Watford and Camden.

When Zzoomm picked Henley in 2019 as their flagship Full Fibre town, I jumped at the chance to quit the London commute and lead their team in my home town.

My job now is to look after the whole network here in Henley; whether it’s putting routers in the best places for good coverage, carrying out free property surveys or keeping you connected – you’ll be in capable hands with my team and I.

Do you come across any common misconceptions?

 In the beginning, it was difficult to explain to residents just how different the Zzoomm network was.

Most broadband connections use the old copper cables, the ones that were installed in your street perhaps 30, 40 or 50 years ago. These cables degrade data over distances, leading to slow broadband speeds.

Essentially, with the traditional networks, even if a resident pays for ‘Fibre’, they only have a Fibre connection as far as the green cabinet in their street, with a copper connection into their home.

Zzoomm is entirely different – we’re Full Fibre all the way into your home or business. Allowing you to enjoy incredibly fast, reliable broadband without any reduction in data.

What does a typical day look like?

 My day can vary.

One minute I can be getting my hands dirty in full PPE on a service call, sorting a problem caused by over-zealous gardening. And the next I could be sitting at home on video conference calls discussing new connections, customer service issues and interviewing potential new team members.

I meet customers, socially distanced and protected of course, and oversee 3 to 4 installations a day, while keeping an eye on our Zzoomm network performance to ensure our customers are getting the most reliable connection for seamless work, education and play.

How does Zzoomm compare to other broadband suppliers?

Having worked for several ISP’s, I can say that the Zzoomm difference is refreshing. Of course, the main difference is that they’re the only Full Fibre supplier in Henley, running fibre right into every property. Right now, we are the only supplier in Henley able to offer these broadband speeds and this type of broadband service.

Another key difference is the high level of customer service. Here in Henley, I’m on the ground to connect you when you join, and I’m on call to get you back online in the rare event that something goes wrong – and if we can’t fix it in 24 hours, you won’t pay for that downtime on your next bill.

I’ve heard horror stories of some residents waiting a whopping six weeks for a fix from the traditional brands – something that just doesn’t happen with Zzoomm. The whole Zzoomm  team and I are here to make sure of it.

What are your biggest tips for homeowners?

There’s nothing more annoying than a dropped Wi-Fi signal, whether it’s sudden blackouts or altogether dead zones in your home.

So my biggest tip for homeowners is to know the difference between Wi-Fi coverage and broadband speeds. For example, you could have the fastest broadband speed available, but if your router and its signal aren’t able to reach every corner of your home – you’ll still experience difficulties.

Coverage can vary depending on the size of your house, obstacles, the number of devices used, and the location of the router itself.

But don’t worry, prior to installation we’re able to carry out a free home survey to work out the best place

Here’s Ricardo out and about in Henley preparing to connect customers to Zzoomm

to install your router to guarantee the best possible coverage where you need it most.

[For big houses that want to have fast Wi-Fi everywhere, we have partners who can provide extra advice and

install the extra equipment needed]

I have also read that having a Full Fibre connection can increase the value of your home, but I guess that’s something to see, next time I’m home-hunting in Henley!

How has the COVID crisis impacted your work?

If anything, COVID has highlighted just how important a reliable, fast broadband connection is. It allows residents to stay connected and in touch with family, friends – and of course, continue to work from home and carry out remote learning.

In terms of the day-to-day, the role hasn’t changed, although we have to plan much further ahead to ensure our customers’ safety is protected.

Before projects, our team have their temperature taken and are asked the critical questions – has anyone in your home been diagnosed, have you been told to self-isolate, any symptoms etc. If the answer is ‘no’ we put our full PPE on and can carry out the work as usual. We make sure our installations are safe and convenient for our customers.

And personally, I now work much more effectively from home on my Zzoomm Full Fibre broadband.

Why should someone order Zzoomm broadband?

I meet some residents who, perhaps even now, feel there’s nothing wrong with their current broadband. It’s fast enough for what they use right now – so why change?

For me, it’s about a futureproofed solution. Ensuring my home has the connection now, to cope with what future online experiences have in store for us. Whether it’s the introduction of 8K streaming (you can buy 8K TV’s already) or more of us working from home as the norm, or even the future of fast-paced gaming.

Take the 8K streaming example; tests show you need a minimum of 50Mbps for buffer-free streaming – the Full Fibre Zzoomm network can deliver a whopping 10,000Mbps to your home today!

Personally, I’m on plan and believe me, whether it’s for work or pleasure, the speeds are breathtaking – and, since we don’t do gimmicks live TV packages, you would be surprised at what great value our packages are.

Do you have anything else to say to residents in Henley?

Yes, of course. I would like to say; if you’re still on the fence about Full Fibre call or email us. I can help provide a completely free home survey as part of the installation process to help you get the setup that best suits your home and your family’s online activity.

We make all COVID safety precautions a focus for every installation and love making Henley a fantastically fast connected town, one home at a time.

And finally, if you see me around town in my big yellow and pink Zzoomm van, don’t forget to say hello!

Thanks for speaking to us, Ricardo.


Let’s see what Henley residents think of their area service manager

He’s loved by us here at Zzoomm, and – as you can see from some of the Trustpilot reviews that mention him, by his customers and Henley residents do too.

“Received great customer service today after having damaged internet cable and the team – led by Ricardo managed to get me fixed and up and running in time. We changed over to Zzoomm in April 2020 and online life has been great, fab speed and more importantly no sudden drop outs.” – Anonymous, Zzoomm Customer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Great service. Very impressed with the efficiency of the installation and everything works as it says ‘on the box’. Very polite and considerate guys.” – O.K, Zzoomm Customer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Switch for better value, faster broadband with a customer experience rated ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So, whether it’s Wi-Fi blackspots, buffering box sets or lagging video calls getting on your nerves this lockdown, you now know you’ll be in safe, capable hands when you make the switch to Zzoomm.

And best of all, if you order a new package with us today, you could be enjoying faster, more reliable broadband in just 7 days.

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