Pictured: MP for Thirsk and Malton, Kevin Hollinrake (right) and Zzoomm’s Chief Operations Officer, Richard Sinclair (left)

MP Kevin Hollinrake congratulates Zzoomm Full Fibre Broadband for a speedy build to over 5000 homes in Thirsk.

  • Local MP Kevin Hollinrake visits Zzoomm Full Fibre team to see the progress of the Full Fibre Network.
  • Over 5,300 homes and businesses will be ready to be connected to the fastest broadband in the UK by the end of August.
  • Zzoomm Full Fibre broadband provides speeds up to 33x faster than traditional broadband providers.
  • With services starting from £29, Zzoomm is passionate about providing Full Fibre connectivity that’s accessible to everyone.

26th July 2021, Local MP Kevin Hollinrake for Thirsk and Malton visited the Zzoomm Full Fibre broadband team to congratulate them on the impressive start of the network build to 5,300 homes in Thirsk, the next town to become Full Fibre ready.

Zzoomm began construction of its 100% Full Fibre network in July 2021, with the first set of homes and businesses able to benefit from the fastest broadband in the UK by the end of August.

Kevin Hollinrake, MP for Thirsk and Malton enthusiastically welcomed the fast progress of the infrastructure to the town. He said “The internet is one of the most important things for staying connected for virtually all of my constituents and it’s great that we will soon be able to gain access to speedy Full Fibre broadband.”

“The best way of improving services and driving fair prices for our residents is through more competition, so we really welcome Zzoomm moving into this space and providing more opportunities for faster broadband for the people of Thirsk.”

Zzoomm’s new Full Fibre services will provide Thirsk with a new, faster network that has never been built in the area before. Home users can choose download and upload speeds of between 100 and 2000Mbps, up to 33x faster than traditional broadband offerings. Businesses can choose download speeds of up to 10,000Mbps.

Zzoomm’s Chief Operations Officer, Richard Sinclair MBE has played a vital part in delivering UK towns with the network. Speaking with Hollinrake, he said “My passion is to make Britain faster. Providing towns like Thirsk with simply the best connectivity in the UK provides paramount opportunities for homes and businesses in a beautiful Yorkshire setting.”

“We cannot wait to go live with our Zzoomm service and for Thirsk residents to experience our superb customer service coupled with the fastest broadband speeds, designed with the future in mind”.

With prices starting from £29pm for 100Mbps, Zzoomm are passionate about building a network that is accessible to everyone. There are no installation or connection fees, so switching up to better broadband is quick, simple and straightforward. Zzoomm’s services come with 24/7 UK customer service and great Wi-Fi.

Thirsk residents from homes and businesses who would like to find out more information about Zzoomm Full Fibre Broadband can simply enter their postcode at: zzoomm.com/get-zzoomm/. They will be able to register their interest and be notified when their home or business is ready to be connected to Zzoomm Full Fibre broadband.