FAQs for Vulnerable Customers

Supporting vulnerable customers

We’re committed to treating all our customers fairly and with respect. Our training covers customer service and providing support, including recognising those who identify as vulnerable.

We know that there’s lots of different factors and life events that can cause vulnerability, whether long-term or temporary.

To give our customers the best experience we listen to feedback and continually monitor our interactions. Our focus is always to make sure that our customers get the best possible service and support when they need it most.

Sometimes it isn’t always easy for us to realise if you’re experiencing difficulties, so please let the team know if you think they can help.

Using VOIP services with Zzoomm

We know many of our customers choose to use Zzoomm’s full fibre broadband to make and receive telephone calls rather than retain their old copper land line.  You can find out more about this here.

However, there are some things you need to think about when you use a VoIP service. Your copper telephone line can work even if you have a power cut as it receives its electrical power from the exchange.  If you don’t have a land line any more, you will lose this capability.

Do you need a landline for emergency and 999 calls if you have a power cut?

Many people who use VoIP services use a cellular phone as a back-up in the event of a power cut, so it is worth making sure you have one charged and available.  If you happen to live in an area that has poor cellular coverage, you may wish to consider protecting your internet voice service by using a battery back-up or uninterrupted power supply.  These store an amount of electricity as any normal battery and will give you the ability to keep your service running for a period, typically up to an hour, but this can vary depending on the capacity of the device and how much load is placed upon it.

Zzoomm uses this technology inside our network, but for Zzoomm customers who want to use this kind of technology in your home, you will need to protect at least 3 pieces of kit:

  1. Your Zzoomm wallbox
  2. Your Zzoomm primary hub (the one that is connected to the 10GE port on the wallbox)
  3. Your VoIP box often called an ATA
  4. Potentially your VoIP phone or base station depending on what model you have chosen


Zzoomm cannot provide one for you, but there is a device selected by Zzoomm engineers as appropriate to protect our equipment in the event of a power cut.  However, many people prefer the option of using one they have used before or from a supplier they know, but you should ensure it has the capacity to power enough devices for a long enough time.  You will have to judge this based on your experience of power cuts in your area.

The specifications of the Zzoomm selected device can be found here.

If you need some advice or wish to order the Zzoomm Battery Back-Up device, please call the customer team on 03333 119 933.

999 BSL Emergency services

Make a 999BSL emergency call now

What is 999 BSL?
999 BSL is a service that connects you to British Sign Language Interpreters remotely through an app or a web-based platform, who then will relay the conversation with the call handler and emergency authorities. This service has been set up so that no deaf person will be excluded when they need to make an emergency call, therefore saving lives.

When to use the 999 BSL service?
The 999 BSL service is for emergency situations ONLY, for an example if someone is seriously injured; lives at risk; being in danger or harm; a serious offence is in progress or just has been committed.

For less urgent situations, please use Police 101 (wherever possible) and NHS111 through SignVideo – not 999 BSL, unless there is an emergency.


How do I make a 999 BSL call?