Not long ago, the only women seen near civil build sites where those bringing tea and sandwiches to the men digging trenches and building scaffolding or in the accounts office managing the paperwork. In today’s world that is a strange blast from the past. But the civils engineering industry is still a predominantly male workplace. The notion of women participating in network build work is still unusual.

However, at Zzoomm we are all about challenging the past and doing things a little differently. We are replacing the old copper network with our brand new Full Fibre network delivering incredible service speeds to homes across the UK. And we are doing it loud and proud with our bright magenta and yellow Zzoomm brand.

A big part of this is challenging the norms around who we employ to dig up roads and build this brilliant new network. International Women’s day is a chance to reflect on just how much the Civil Engineering industry has changed, and still how far we need to go. Just look at the plenitude of opportunities within this thriving industry for women ready to dive headfirst into a world of Hi-Viz, hard hats and hard work.

Building the communication infrastructure of a nation trying to play catch up to the rest of the worlds broadband speeds is no easy task. At the core of this build are hands. Hands to dig, hands to drive, hands to lift, hold and at the end of the day, create the connections that bring a Full Fibre broadband network to life.

Traditionally, these have been the hands of men, tough hands that could grip the tools, break the rock and lift a tea on a break. This is no more, there is no reason why they cannot be the hands of anyone and everyone. Advance engineering machinery, technology, planning and new techniques mean that anyone today can play their part. Great physical strength is no longer a minimum requirement to being part of something the UK needs to be a communications leader on the global stage.

With such a large amount of activity going on in these civil engineering industries, women with all sorts of backgrounds are increasingly finding lucrative and rewarding career opportunities available.

Incredible first step salary options can provide accelerated earning potentials right from the get-go for those who are willing to work hard, efficiently and safely while an abundance of career and training options can illuminate a career path within multiple engineering industries.

Flexible working hours and shifts provide attractive opportunities for those balancing family, education and lifestyles. And with the full backing of the UK governments focus on increasing UK broadband speed and coverage, as well as green energy networks, water gas and other utilities who are looking for similar talents, the opportunities for future career expansion and experience are limitless.

You can find out a bit more from Zzoomm’s Fibre Engineer, Kaylie Noble who has recently lifted the lid on what life is like as a Zzoommer. Or you could reach out to our two most senior build executives, Louise Healey and Rebecca Burke, Regional Directors at Zzoomm, who would be more than happy to field any questions you have about these roles and what it takes to be a part of Zzoomm.

With alternative broadband networks driving the expansion of these networks across the UK there is currently an abundance of roles for women in civil engineering. Zzoomm is currently hiring 120 roles in Hereford including roles for beginners right through to our most senior positions. Zzoomm offers on-the-job training, mentoring and career potentials for women in this industry.

With an internal drive to change how the broadband industry operates, for both customers and the industry in general, Zzoomm is passionate about diversity, inclusiveness and is excited to bring the next generation of civils on board to deliver the future of the UK broadband network.

Take a look at the roles on offer for all walks of life here: Zzoomm Civil Engineering Jobs

Remember, the UK future will be built on the hard work of all who choose to dare.



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