Zzoomm Installation Guide

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Preparing for installation

Now that you’ve signed up to be part of the Zzoomm family, there are a few things to consider before the engineer arrives to install your new Full Fibre broadband. As you know, at Zzoomm we’re all about speed and so we thought it would be useful to provide you with a quick and handy step-by-step preparation guide before the big day!


Step 1:

To kick things off you’ll need to book an installation slot during the week for an engineer to come round and install your new Full Fibre broadband – this can be any time between 8 am and 5 pm from Monday to Friday. If you’ve already placed your order, then you’ve already booked your installation (or survey in some cases) and you’ll receive a text message from us the day before the visit.


Step 2:

The most important thing to consider in the build-up to the big day is where you want your TWO Zzoomm Hubs to go. You get two Zzoomm Hubs to give more reliable Wi-Fi coverage and allow for more devices to connect via ethernet cable. This step only applies to customers who’ve ordered our Home 150, 450 & 900Mbps services. If you’ve ordered our 2000Mbps service you’re getting a super Hub and our engineers will talk you through how this works on the day of your installation. Your Hubs can be placed wherever you want (so long as they can both be plugged in). You might choose to have one upstairs and one down or one in the study and one in the kitchen, it’s up to you but we suggest not having the Hubs too close together. We also recommend making the most of your service by connecting data-hungry devices directly to your Zzoomm Hub using an ethernet cable. Connecting your smart TV, your desktop computer or your games console directly to the Hub, for instance, will allow them to access the full benefits of the faster service you get with Zzoomm. Our engineers will discuss this with you on the day and give their advice, but you know your home and where you need Wi-Fi coverage and better broadband most of all. Not every device can be connected using an ethernet cable and so our two Zzoomm Hubs also give you more reliable Wi-Fi coverage. Whilst we do not guarantee whole-home coverage (this is impossible for anyone to guarantee) we’re offering two Zzoomm Hubs for quite literally double the coverage. If you find you have weak Wi-Fi signal in your living room because your current router is in a bedroom you can have one of your Zzoomm Hubs in the living room, connect the smart TV over ethernet cable then have your second Zzoomm Hub to place wherever you want. Should you decide not to have the second Zzoomm hub installed, that is absolutely fine – it is your choice. However, if you decide afterwards to have it installed, we will charge you for the second visit. If you want the second hub placed in a garden office or another building – that is fine, but please let us know in advance as it will require a survey first to determine if this is feasible. This will also be a chargeable installation. Our engineers will discuss this with you at the time of the survey.


Step 3:

Now you know where you want your Zzoomm Hubs you need to think about the cables. Both of your Zzoomm Hubs will be connected to each other. If you are planning on having a Zzoomm Hub installed upstairs and one downstairs, it is possible to have the cables run along the outside of your home but sometimes the cables must run inside your home. Our engineer will give you advice on how we can connect your Zzoomm Hubs, but you may have the choice so it’s best to think about it now. The Hubs can be moved at a later date, but this visit will be chargeable so best to think about it now.


Step 4:

We may need to dig a trench. Our Full Fibre network is currently built to the boundary line of your property, you can see this by looking for a small black box in the pavement with ‘Zzoomm’ on it. The first thing our engineers need to do is connect your home to the black box in the ground. This may involve digging a small trench through your front garden (don’t worry we’re neat). But just think, do you have a rosebush you want us to avoid? Or some buried pets? If you can see the black box you can see what route we may take, and you can discuss your options with our engineers when they come to install your service.


Step 5:

A little grey ‘Wallbox’ will go on the outside wall of your property and a black ‘Fibre connection box’ will go on the inside of your property. You may want these boxes to be discreet so think where you’d like them to go.


Step 6:

Ahead of the engineer’s arrival, make sure the biscuit tin and tea caddy are full, connecting your home to Britain’s fastest Full Fibre network is thirsty work.


Step 7:

Now the big day has arrived, it’s your turn to sit back, relax and let the engineers do the rest. We appreciate that sometimes this can be a messy business, so we’ll do our best to tidy up after ourselves, and to reinstate everything to as close to how it was as we can.


Step 8:

We like to be completely transparent with our customers so at the end of the installation process the engineer will run a speed test to make sure you get the service you are paying for.


Covid-19 and Zzoomm installation

We know how important the communications infrastructure is to keep you in contact with family, friends and colleagues and so customer installations are continuing as normal.

We want our teams and you to stay healthy, so as standard our installation teams are all equipped with the correct PPE (personal protection equipment including masks, gloves, hand sanitiser) when attending your home appointment. It’s nothing to worry about, just a sensible precaution for both you and us.

Before installation, our team will ask you a couple of questions:

  • Has anyone in your home been diagnosed with COVID-19?
  • Has anyone in your home been asked to self-isolate?
  • Is anyone in your home suffering from flu-like symptoms?

If the answer’s YES, we’ll make sure we assess the risk fully and agree on a suitable way forward with you which may include rearranging the installation.

If the answer is NO, we can go ahead with the planned installation.

All installation and installed equipment is wiped down with disinfectants at the end of use, installation or when shared between teams.

If your home requires a survey: Sometimes, things are more difficult and take more time usually because of the distance we need to cover either outside or inside the property or the type of surface we need to bury the cable under.  If we feel this will be the case, we will book a survey appointment with you in advance to assess the work. You may have booked a survey appointment when you ordered your service online, this service is free.

For a quick guide to those longer installations, have a look below:

Non – standard installation

Distance between the connection point and the location of the wall box exceeds 50 metres.


Combined distance between the wall box and both Zzoomm Hub locations exceeds 20m.


Hot lay tarmac to reinstate; or where more than 10m concrete or tarmac area is required to be reinstated; or where over 10 metres of block paving or flagstone is required to be lifted and reinstated, or some other unusual surface that will need specialist skills to lift and reinstate.


What needs power?

Your two Zzoomm Hubs and your Fibre Connection Box all need power.

Can I have the Zzoomm Hubs wherever I want?

Yes, so long as they can be plugged in.

How are the Zzoomm Hubs connected together?

They are connected by a cable that can run inside or outside your home.

How much does installation cost?

Standard installation is free. If we think the installation will take longer than 4 hours or is particularly complex, then we book a survey with you to discuss your options. Our survey visit is also free, and you will not pay anything to connect your service until we have agreed on how long it will take & any additional costs to install Zzoomm to your home.

Why do I need a survey?

Because we are unsure how long it will take or how much it will cost to install our Full Fibre service into your home, or we may need landlord/landowner permission to install our service.

What happens at the survey?

We’ll agree the external route, Zzoomm Hub locations and internal cabling route with you. We’ll inform you whether it’s going to take 2/4 or more hours and therefore whether it’s going to be a chargeable service. We’ll also discuss landlord permissions, if necessary, that are needed based on the route. If possible, we’ll book the installation date with you there and then during the survey. We’ll take photos so that we have a record for when we come to install, and you can also have a copy if this will support you getting landlord permissions.

Can you install it in a garden office?

We’d love to install our service in your garden office. However, this will be a chargeable installation and will need a survey first so call us and let us know if that’s where you want your second Zzoomm Hub!

Landlord permissions?

If you are a tenant, then you do require your landlord’s permission to have Zzoomm installed in your home. You will also need permission if we need to cross someone else’s property to access yours, for instance, sometimes you will need your neighbour’s permission if you have a shared driveway.

If I want the Hubs moved, do I have to pay you to do this?

If you want the Hubs moved, we can happily do this for you, but unfortunately, this visit will be chargeable.

I didn’t want the second Hub installed but now I’ve changed my mind. Can you do this?

If you asked us not to install the second hub at the original installation, we can install it at a later date, but unfortunately, this second visit will be chargeable.

I want to use my own Routers rather than yours, can I do this?

One of the benefits of the Zzoomm set up is that you can quite possibly plug your own router into the Zzoomm wall box and let your own router take the place of the Zzoomm hubs.  Obviously, we cannot guarantee every router in the market will work just fine, but many of our customers do just that  Obviously, we cannot connect or set this up for you as it isn’t our equipment, and nor can we support or troubleshoot the service beyond our own equipment.  If you asked us not to install our hubs at the original installation, we can install them at a later date, but unfortunately, this second visit will be chargeable.

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