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Zzoomm Installation Guide

For our Zzoomm Hub Quick Start installation guide, please click here: Quick start guide 2020

To find out more about your installation, please see below:

Getting Zzoomm Full Fibre is a cinch!  Our installation team takes care of all the hard work.  There are a few things for you to think about, but we will talk you through everything on the day.  We want to ensure you get the service in just the way you want it, so we spend time at the beginning of the installation discussing things with you to get everything planned out. We’ll agree with you the best locations indoors to locate the fibre unit and the 2 Zzoomm hubs based on where you spend the most time using the internet and available power supplies. We will show you where we would drill the holes in the external wall, and the best route outside to route the fibre cable into a small wall box on the exterior of the property. The connection to the network in the street is usually made by digging a small trench for the ducting or sometimes fixing the cable to a suitable wall. If you have laid your own ducting it may be possible for us to use that. We will agree on the best way to do things with you.

We appreciate that sometimes this can be a messy business, so we’ll do our best to tidy up after ourselves, and to reinstate everything to as close to how it was as we can.

Once we have completed all the work inside and out, we will demonstrate it to you and then activate your service. You are then free to go on and enjoy the fastest Full Fibre broadband around!

We will have looked at every property while we are building the network and assessed the distance from the street, and any potential hurdles we need to overcome.  Normally, we can complete installation within 4 hours, and the majority within 2. Sometimes, things are more difficult and take more time usually because of the distance we need to cover either outside or inside the property or the type of surface we need to bury the cable under.  If we feel this will be the case, we will book a survey appointment with you in advance to assess the work.  For a quick guide to those longer installations, have a look in the table below:

Non – standard installation
Distance between the connection point and the location of the wall box exceeds 50 metres.


Combined distance between the wall box and both Zzoomm Hub locations exceeds 20m.


Hot lay tarmac to reinstate; or where more than 10m concrete or tarmac area is required to be reinstated; or where over 10 metres of block paving or flagstone is required to be lifted and reinstated, or some other unusual surface that will need specialist skills to lift and reinstate;

This job would typically require a prior survey visit.


As this may be more work than our standard free installation, we may have to ask you to contribute to the cost, but again if this is the case, we will let you know at the survey visit.

There must be someone over the age of 18 at the property during the installation.  If you are not able to be present, then please ensure the person who is understands your requirements and is able to agree things with us.  Also, we love pets, but please do keep them locked away while we work.



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