Zzoomm, the Full Fibre broadband network operator, announces that the UK’s fastest home broadband services are now available to Henley-on-Thames customers. No more fighting over Wi-Fi or waiting for movies to download, homes in Henley-on-Thames can now access broadband speeds of up to 2Gbps (2,000Mbps).

Zzoomm’s Full Fibre broadband provides homes and businesses in Henley-on-Thames with download speeds starting at 100Mbps and upload speeds to match. Zzoomm’s amazing speeds are backed up by free installation as standard, 24*7 customer service and a guarantee to fix any service issues within 24 hours.

Zzoomm also announces the very first multiple Full Fibre broadband service in the UK with customers benefiting from two Zzoomm Hubs, with the second providing an additional 100Mbps Full Fibre service to the home for free. Customers can separate home and work networks, teenagers and family Wi-Fi usage through a single Full Fibre connection.

Every service can decide to set up their Zzoomm broadband with either even more broadband with a second 100Mbps Full Fibre service, or even more Wi-Fi with two Zzoomm hubs covering the whole home with fabulous Wi-Fi coverage at no extra cost.

Zzoomm’s Full Fibre network is based on XGS-PON, working with ADTRAN to provide next-generation multi-gigabit speeds of up to 10Gbps (10,000Mbps). ADTRAN’s equipment supports the delivery of multi-Gigabit services to the home; future-proofing the expected increases in data demand, with top speeds of 10Gbps in the very near future.

Zzoomm’s ambition is to serve more than a million homes and businesses with Full Fibre by 2025 in underserved towns and suburbs across the UK.

Matthew Hare, Zzoomm’s Chief Executive said,

“Life’s too short for bad broadband. From today Zzoomm is offering brilliant broadband at fair prices over a brand-new Full Fibre network here in Henley-on-Thames. No more arguing over Wi-Fi coverage. No more hoping for the speed and reliability you want but cannot have because of old copper cables. Zzoomm’s customers really can now do more.

“We are taking the first steps in a quiet revolution to transform the competitiveness of the UK economy. Zzoomm plans to do this one town at a time – we are proud to be working here in Henley-on-Thames and thank the residents and business for their very warm welcome. Our contribution to the future of the UK as a highly connected, agile business country begins today.”

Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak of Town, District and County Councillor for Henley on Thames said,

“Zzoomm is building an all-new network across the town.  Their incredible two Gigabit service makes Henley-on-Thames, already famous for the fastest rowers, the fastest town in the country for home broadband.  This is brilliant for learning, work and play, and will support home working and our small business community, and open up new opportunities to cut commuting. With this fast Full Fibre broadband we want to make Henley the creative capital of the south of England”. 

Fantastic Value

Zzoomm’s home services begin with the POP! package offering 100 Mbps download for £29 per month as part of a 12-month contract and includes free standard installation.

Other packages include 400 Mbps, 900Mbps or the out of this world WOW! service which provides the highest residential broadband offering in the UK with a massive 2,000 Mbps download speed for £99 per month.

All of Zzoomm’s packages are based around a 12-month contract with the ability to add additional services called PowerUps as needed. The customer chooses the service and speed they want, not just what is available – truly revolutionary for broadband connectivity in homes across the UK.

Zzoomm’s initial product service tiers are (prices all include VAT):

  • Pop! – 100Mbps average download speed (10Mbps up) for £29 a month
  • Pow! – 400Mbps average download speed (40Mbps up) for £39 a month
  • Whoosh! – 900Mbps average download speed (90Mbps up) for £59 a month
  • Wow! – 2,000Mbps average download speed (200Mbps up) for £99 a month

Two power-ups are available, each at £10 per month:

  • Match – get the same upload speed as your download speed
  • Fixed – have a fixed IPv4 address

Free standard installation which is available to almost all of the properties in Henley-on-Thames and will take 90 minutes to complete is included in the service. A very small number of properties will require a custom installation which Zzoomm will survey and quote before starting work.

24*7 customer service is available, with customers able to talk to a real human being, day or night, 365 days a year. Customers can contact us in the way they choose, with email, phone, web and text support.

Zzoomm’s promise to fix any problems within 24 hours is backed up by a team of local, experienced engineers available to help at any time.

Zzoomm is designing, building and operating a new Full Fibre network, where the fibre runs into the property. Zzoomm is building out this network in smaller towns and suburban areas across the UK where there is no existing Full Fibre network. The demand for better and faster broadband connectivity is ever-growing and Zzoomm delivers fantastic broadband to homes and businesses.