What is the best broadband for your business? Until now, many businesses in Henley-on-Thames have simply relied on (and struggled with) old, unreliable copper broadband infrastructure which maintained slow broadband speeds. This is a situation hindering many businesses operations right from development to day-to-day functioning. Even worse is how multiple businesses are competing against each other for this limited, underperforming service.  

This problem is putting local businesses, the beating heart of Henley-on-Thames, at a considerable disadvantage compared to towns & cities that boast Full Fibre connectivity. Not to mention is a significant hindrance to Henley’s business future.  

Broadband access, speed, and additional services are key in the development of business operations as we make our way out of the pandemic. Brilliant broadband isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s a utility, an integral part of what is required to make a business function. 

So, what does the Zzoomm Full Fibre broadband network completion mean for your business?  

It means business development, smoother operations, reliable connectivity (with SLAs measured in hours not days) which makes for a better business for you. You can now utilise broadband in ways you were never able to do before; developing a larger online presence, putting to use cloud resources and making profit from your new and improved service. 

Zzoomm gives you a larger bandwidth which means less competition for broadband between you and the businesses next door, enabling a connection 149 times faster than the current average.   

In this series of business-focused posts, we’re going to highlight issues that many of you face daily so you can better decide what you want from your broadband provider and want to take your business into a new league. Let’s begin by looking at bandwidth.  

Making bandwidth work for your business 

The speed of your broadband is measured in megabits per second, known as Mbps. This is your bandwidth.  

A fast speed, such as 900Mbps, is like havinglots of spacefor all of the information to pass through, whereas a smaller bandwidth such as 40Mbps is like having atightlysqueezed spacefor the samevolume ofinformation tosqueezethrough. You’ll always have faster internet across your devices and a better overall experience withfaster speeds.  

Businesses that have large files to upload and download, or multiple workers to keep connected; be that through conference calls, emailing, or cloud storage , require bigger bandwidth as the business world moves more and more online. The problem here is that while demand for more connections are increasing, the supply is not. In fact the supply is maxed out and to meet the higher demand, a new, larger space is needed.   

We’ve all been there. You have a deadline to meet and need to get that final graphic file to your client before the end of the day, but it just won’t load past 36%. Or you’re working remotely and need a presentation, but your colleague can’t get the file you’ve been editing together online to load on the laptop. Slow broadband speeds mean businesses struggle to access cloud services such as Google docs, One Drive, and many more. 

Now that many businesses are becoming more reliant on remote access, slower broadband speeds lead to a variety of problems across the board, from payment problems with card machine delays to file upload trouble, presentation issues and conference calls dropping with important clients.. So, whether you’re working from home or the office, there’s still a broadband battle.  

Why does your current connection let you down?  

It’s very likely that your business broadband is currently connected using old technology. It’s same technology invented in the 19th century when business was done over telephone calls and payment with only in cash. This technology has had to stretch it’s capabilities to include connecting your business (and many others) to the internet. 

Your broadband connection is shared acrossmany premises.  

Your devicesare connected,either by ethernetcableor over Wi-Fi. One device cannot use 100% of the connection if other devices are connected. In short, you are sharing, each device receives a percentage of the whole connection available to you. That means yourexisting copper-based67Mbps serviceisspread amongst many devicesandis why the connectionoften slows down.  

An easy way to speed up your current connection is to have fewer devices connected. But we’re in the 21st century, the time where almost everything and anything requires an internet connection to function, so not quite as easy as it sounds. A truly easy way to improve the speed of your broadband is to have more bandwidth. 

Simply put, when you havemore Mbpsspeed, such as 2,000Mbps, there is more bandwidth and space to use,you can have more devices connected andthey all gofasterinstead of squeezing into the slow 67Mbps speed.  


Lower speeds inhibit your or your team’s ability to get work done quickly. It also affects collaboration, which is especially important with many business still working from home. 

Then there are communications. With the new business normal relying on video conferencing, hosting multiple video connections, and requiring at least clear audio to get points across, small bandwidth creates a jittery video, lag in audio and many other frustrations which can sometimes leave you feeling unprofessional in front of important clients and customers.  

What can Zzoomm provide businesses?  

These sorts of situations don’t have to happen any longer. It’s time for your business to speed up get exactly the service you deserve.  

We don’t give ‘Up to’ measures that you only receive at 2:00am in the morning.  Zzoomm speeds start at 100Mbps and go up to 10,000Mbps average download speed, that’s average and not ‘up to’. 

Another point to note with video calls is the need for a fast upload speed, preferably matching your download speed. It’s the two way exchange of data that allows video files to give the impression of a seamless communication. Zzoomm business services have the same incredibly fast upload speeds as they do download speeds. This is because we know upload speeds are just as important than download speeds when working. 

The best solution for  your business struggling with slow broadband is to have more bandwidth. Full Fibre can only help with that.  

What do Zzoomm customers say?

We have some fabulous business customers already – from independents to larger scale companies. Here’s what they have to say:

“All of our staff give a big thumbs up, they like the feel of Zzoomm and they feel confident that the network is going to stay up and running. If we do have any problems, we know we have a local team to call up to receive help and support, quickly and efficiently. Our guests who are already using the facility are very happy with the speeds and the reliability.” Phyllis Court, Henley-on-Thames

“It simply works. I would definitely recommend other businesses review what they need from their broadband provider and look at what Zzoomm has to offer.” – David, Zzoomm Independant Business Customer 

“It’s been way faster than my previous provider, and somehow cheaper! The best thing about Zzoomm is that I can simply forget about it” – Alex, Videographer and Video Editor 

Full Fibre is ready for you

Our drive is to provide incredibly fast broadband service directly to your business premises. We work with a range of partners who can support network integrations, VOIP services or telephony systems. We are a sociable bunch, so our network is ready to support your setup needs and get you Zzoomming. Our Full Fibre network is also completely independent of the usual providers you know and have been with before. Zzoomm allows you to connect your business faster than ever before. 

Full Fibre is already built to your doorstep and our team are ready to get you connected. 

To find out more about the benefits of Zzoomm from a local business owners perspective by clicking here.