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Zzoomm’s Survival Guide for when the kids are home

The world of work has changed, and with this people expect more from their home environment. We get it, it’s not just your home, it’s your office, your nursery school, your fortress, the place where the family meet to work, rest and play. And you need to keep everyone happy; your kids, your partner, your boss, your dog – it’s exhausting.

That’s why at Zzoomm we believe in the power of the full-fibre difference to make your homelife just that little bit smoother. We’ve put together a survival guide for when you need to balance working from home with looking after the kids, and we’ll show you how Zzoomm full-fibre broadband can help you along the way. Because we can’t promise that working from home will be distraction free, but we can promise that your broadband won’t be another thing to add to your stress levels.

Think you can’t keep everyone happy? Think again.

You’re on a video call with your boss, one child wants to watch Netflix, the other wants to watch Amazon Prime, and the third wants to game on their computer – sound familiar? The good news is that with full-fibre broadband you get a greater bandwidth which is exclusively for your household. Meaning you can spread the usage across your own devices, instead of your neighbours’. For the gamer in your family, a full fibre network provides a quicker response time to help improve their performance (bonus parent points!). So while they’re busy immersing themselves in another world, you can concentrate on immersing yourself in that meeting.

Family life is unpredictable, your broadband doesn’t have to be

Zzoomm full-fibre broadband is all those boring things; predictable, reliable, always the same – sounds great doesn’t it! We believe that reliability is just as important as speed, so we make sure that even at peak times, we can keep you connected. This is because fibre-optic cables are much more durable than copper, so they’re not going to be heavily impacted by increased usage or electrical interferences. So when all hell breaks loose, we’ll still be there in the background, providing all your internet needs.

Freeze those bad-quality video calls

If you find you’re freezing and cutting out on video calls – blame your upload speed! Upload speed is the amount of data that you can send in a given second. The more data you can send in a given second, the smoother your experience will be – and this goes for video calls!

Zzoomm’s Full Fibre network is futureproofed and can provide up to 2000Mbps upload speed and 2000Mbps download speed for homes. Simply put, our speeds are up to 44x faster than the average home broadband speed. We understand that when taking video calls from home you want to have a clear picture, be able to contribute clearly to your meeting, and then get your finger quick on that mute button for when the dog starts barking and the kids are arguing. Don’t worry, we’ve been there.

Down with buffering time, long live family time

Full Fibre means the fibre optic cables come right to your home – it’s the fastest and most reliable broadband technology there is! Fibre maintains speed over long distances too, so you’re also guaranteed to get the speed you sign up for. Zzoomm offers homes across the UK up to 2000Mbps of incredible down and upload speeds, making that 44x faster than your usual broadband providers. So you can spend less time waiting for the document to send and the screen to load, and more time with the family.

Seamless and simple, even when nothing else is

At Zzoomm, we know that family life isn’t simple, that’s why we like to make it as simple and as easy to make the switch to Zzoomm Full Fibre as possible, because let’s face it, you have other things to think about. Our customer team is on hand to guide you through the process – from finding what service is best for you to booking you in with your chosen installation date. We have our own specialist engineers in your area who will install, connect and take you through your shiny new set up. All you need to do is let your existing provider know you’re switching to Zzoomm. Simple.

Put your cash where it counts

Our low prices mean you have more in your piggy-bank to spend on a day out with the family.  At Zzoomm, prices start from just £33.00 per month for our 150Mbps service that you can’t get with any non-Full Fibre providers, and every customer is offered the same price for the same service – whether you’re in or out of contract. Whatsmore, nowadays, with the importance of a great internet connection apparent, the price of your house can actually increase by up to £5,000 just for having access to a full fibre network! So you can spend your money on a trip out with the kids (or without!) – hey, you’ve earned it!

Think Zzoomm can help make your family life run a little smoother?

Click here to switch or have a chat with one of our experts on 0333 311 9911.

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