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    Some of the questions we’re asked

    But I already have Fibre.

    Your home likely doesn’t have Full Fibre, it has part Fibre, often referred to as Fibre to the Cabinet or FTTC. This technology still includes some of the old degraded copper network that comes directly into your home and over time will cause reliability and speed issues. Our new Full Fibre network will give you a future-ready connection capable of handling up to 10,000Mbps!

    How long will it take?

    The complete project can take a few months, but we’ll only be outside your home for a few days at most as we move along the street. Utility works can raise unexpected issues so we’ll do our best to resolve them quickly.

    Will there be disruption?

    As with all civils works there will be a level of disruption – as with any utility – but we’ll keep it to a minimum. We work with your Local Authority and they advise the dates and times that we carry out this work.

    When will the work start?

    You will soon receive a letter with the days we will be working outside of your home.

    How will the paths and road look?

    Once work is complete along your street, our team will restore the road and pavements to how they were previously. You may have some fresh tarmac where we reinstate the surface, but this will fade in time

    Why are you going to be digging in my street?

    This is really exciting! Zzoomm is building a brand new Full Fibre Network which will give you access to the fastest broadband speeds available in the UK.

    Will all of this be disruptive?

    We aim to keep disruption to a minimum, and we understand the works to provide you and your neighbours with the next generation of full-fibre internet can be messy and inconvenient, but we aim to finish as quickly as is possible. It is our goal to clean up as we go but sometimes we have to leave materials in place while we continue works. We use barriers for your protection and to ensure we keep you safe. We do occasionally have to block driveways with barriers whilst we dig. We have to keep these in place whilst works continue, but our teams are on hand to ensure you have access to your property. Should you have any concerns, please do raise these with the crew – they will be only too happy to help.

    How long will it take?

    We will go by as quick as we can. Generally, we will only be working directly outside a property for a couple of days before we move along the road.

    Will you put everything back as it was and clean up when you’re done?

    As part of our network build, we usually follow with our reinstatement work 2-3 weeks after the main digging/construction work has been completed. We leave this gap as sometimes we have to go back and re-work some areas and this is much quicker and less disruptive if we have not completed our full reinstatement in advance. In this case, we will temporarily reinstate until we are ready to complete our full and final reinstatement.

    Why is there one of your cabinets outside of my property?

    We understand not everyone appreciates having a cabinet outside their home but they are important and without them, we wouldn’t be able to bring your neighbourhood the next generation of full-fibre internet. We meet all council standards when installing cabinets which include the size of the cabinet and ensuring the maximum amount of pathway is left available. We spend a long time deciding where to place the cabinets to ensure we place as few as possible to reduce the impact. We always place our cabinets on the public highway and so, therefore, have to comply with local authority requirements.

    Does this mean I can get Full Fibre now?

    Don’t worry we will let you know as soon as your property is ready to be connected. We are progressing as fast as possible, and once we are in a position to install the service for you, our team will send you a leaflet or letter to let you know. In the meantime, you can register for progress updates at www.zzoomm.com simply scroll down to the bottom, click on the register button, pop in some details and you’re done.

    I seem to have lost a Utility – Water/Gas/Electric / Telecommunications

    We take great care to avoid this, but it does sometimes happen. It is likely we have already raised an escalation to your service provider, but unfortunately, we cannot progress the fault on your behalf as you are their customer, not us. Equally, we are not allowed to attempt to fix the fault ourselves as the infrastructure belongs to them and is maintained by them. Please ensure you have contacted your supplier to ensure they are working to fix this for you.